Transmission and braking

Transmission: assisted or automated gears

The gearbox is supplied by ZF. The mechanical type, which is available on request, belongs to the EcoSplit series with ServoShift assistance, 16S181 for the 400 and 430 HP Cursor 10 engines and 16S221 for the 480 HP Cursor 13 engine. The EuroTronic full-automated gearbox, which is the standard for RHD trucks, is in version 12AS2301 for the 400 and 430 HP Cursor 10 engines and version 16AS2601 for the 480 HP Cursor 13 engine. All the gearboxes have a direct top gear. The new 540 HP Cursor 13 is supplied with the EuroTronic II full-automated 16AS2601 with overdrive.
The EuroTronic full-automated gearbox has a mechanism, which detects the driver’s driving style, comparing the pressure applied to the accelerator pedal with the resistance of the vehicle.
The transmission ratio inserted into the programme represents the ideal compromise between the load and the power requested by the driver. The EuroTronic has a manual setting that the driver can engage at any time, giving similar handling to the EuroTronic gearbox of the previous generation. This could be the case with the vehicle fully loaded on a descent, for example, where being able to go down through the gears means exerting increased pressure on the decompression brake. If there is a risk of runaway speed, it will not be possible to change down.
The EuroTronic full-automated offers many advantages over the traditional gearbox: a net improvement in terms of driving comfort; an automatic mechanism which applies the principle of driving economy when selecting the ideal gear; protection against runaways which could damage the transmission; reduction of wear on the clutch, and thanks to the helix-shaped mechanisms, reduction in fuel consumption and noise levels.

Brakes: four discs and electronic control

Stralis tractors and trucks come with four ventilated Knorr SB 7000 disc brakes, 436 x 45 in diameter, with pneumatic action and EBS Wabco electronic control. When the driver applies pressure to the brake pedal, a deceleration value is imposed. The electronic line connected to the brakes regulates the pressure in the tractor’s brake cylinders, activating the engine braking, and the transmission brake if included – and modulating the feed pressure of the trailer brakes, in order to distribute braking power evenly over the axles. If the trailer is an older model, tractor braking is kept in line with trailer braking. The state of the brakes can be visualised on the dashboard control screen. EBS guarantees the ABS (anti-lock braking system), the functioning of the brake corrector according to load and ASR (anti-skid regulation).


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