The Stralis Active Time & Active Day cabs

The Stralis Active Time and Active Day cabs share many features with the Stralis Active Space cab, particularly those regarding the door structure and side panels. The driving position is the same as on the Active Space cab. However, some of the external elements are different to respect the differences in application.

Aerodynamics and practicality

Although the width of the Active Time/Active Day cabs is 2.28 m, externally they are very similar to the Active Space cab, which is 2.48 m wide. The corners of the bodywork are rounded, as is the front part of the raised roof. The side deflectors drive the air along the sides of the cab, creating an aerodynamic barrier to the spray from the front wheels. This prevents dirt from soiling the side windows, door mirrors and door handles. The bumper is identical to that on the Stralis Active Space but the cab width allows the deflectors to fit within the bumper radius when turning (whereas on the Active Space cab they protrude about ten centimetres). The Stralis Active Time and Active Day are easier to handle in confined spaces due to the smaller wall-to-wall turning radius. A thoughtful design feature is that the lower corners of the bumpers, which are easily damaged in normal use, are painted grey (rather than body colour) and are replaceable. The halogen headlights are protected within a recessed mounting position. The front under-run protection device (which will become obligatory in Europe on August 10, 2003 under Directive 2000/40/EC) is positioned behind the bumper; whether it is standard equipment or optional will depend on the market. All the external accessories were subjected to detailed aerodynamic analysis, for example the sun visor and other elements that were added onto the A-posts to minimise wind noise.

Another characteristic feature of the vehicle profile is the wings, which protrude 10 cm from the cab panelling. The difference in width between the doors and the external panelling allows the steps to be staggered, making entry and exit easier and safer for the driver. The steps themselves and their outside edges have anti-slip ridges. When the door opens, the steps are illuminated by a spotlight positioned under the internal strip above the windscreen. The cab can be tilted to 60° by a hydraulic pump located behind the right-hand front wheel. The engine air intake is through a snorkel situated on the left at the rear of the cab.

Original aerodynamic deflectors

Various deflectors are offered as optional equipment: a rooftop spoiler for all cabs; a rooftop spoiler with lateral extensions for the Active Time medium roof cab which is particularly useful to compensate for the difference in frontal area between the 2.28 m wide cab and a 2.55 m wide semi-trailer with a van body (or even 2.60 m in the case of a refrigerated box). Optional chassis side valances are also envisaged between the front and rear wheels of 4x2 tractors.