Stralis is now a range for Urban, Inter-Urban and International transport

One extremely significant event in 2002 was the launch of the new Iveco Stralis Active Space, aimed primarily at International hauliers. The Stralis concept was immediately welcomed by hauliers, and in particular their drivers, due to the combination of low running costs, reliability, improved comfort and the quality of life on board.

Iveco now expands the Stralis concept to include rigids and artics that operate in the Urban, Inter-Urban and Long Distance National applications in addition to the Long Distance International applications met by the Stralis Active Space Cab.

The Stralis concept

The Stralis concept is designed to optimise productivity for the owner as well as providing comfort and safety for the driver. Productivity for the owner from a wide choice of engine, gearbox, axle and suspension configurations. Driver comfort and safety from a choice of cabs and cab interior configurations that are designed to appeal to the most demanding driver.

After the Active Space cab, make room for the Active Time and Active Day cabs

On Urban and Inter-Urban applications, drivers enter and exit their cabs frequently and they also spend more time in built-up areas where traffic density is high. These drivers spend fewer nights in their vehicles. In multi-drop applications, a driver will normally go back to his base at the end of the day. In addition, driving conditions are more demanding than those for long haul transport. This is why Iveco has designed cabs that are slightly narrower than the full width Active Space cab (2.28 m instead of 2.48 m). In addition, the cab floor is lowered by 15 cm and the cab steps are staggered to make it easier to enter and exit from the cab. The Stralis Active Day cab is designed for applications where no overnight sleeping is required. The Stralis Active Time is a sleeper cab, which is available with a standard roof and one bunk or with a medium height roof and one or two bunks.

The Stralis Active Time and Active Day

Such a wide choice of applications demands a wide choice of engine powers. They start at 270 Hp for a solo delivery truck with a GVW of 18 or 19 tonnes, and rise to 430 Hp for a 40 or 44 tonne tractor. The Cursor 8 engine delivers 270, 310 or 352 Hp. The Cursor 10 engine delivers 400 or 430 Hp. There is a choice of gearboxes including mechanical transmissions with 9 or 16 ratios, and the EuroTronic II fully automated gearbox. Vehicles powered by the Cursor 10 engine are fitted with disc brakes with EBS (Electronic Braking System) management. Models up to 352 Hp have disc brakes at the front and drums on the other axles. The electrical system is of the Multiplex type: four sets of CAN-Bus electrical wires transmit digital signals between the various electrical components and the control units that manage them. 

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