IVECO ‘drives the road of change’ at IAA 2022 and unveils its latest innovations in alternative propulsion which will lead the transport industry to zero emissions

Unveiled the Brand’s latest innovations in alternative propulsion which will lead the transport industry to zero emissions

​IVECO unveils its vision of the road to a “net zero” world and showcases its full range of sustainable and zero-emissions transport solutions: vehicles powered by advanced alternative propulsion technologies integrated with a comprehensive offer of digital and connected services.

IVECO is delivering on its commitment to reaching the target of net zero carbon by 2040 with an all-range and multi-energy approach that relies on bio-methane, battery electric and fuel cell technologies to cover the full spectrum of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicle missions.

IAA Transportation 2022 is the perfect forum for the commercial debut of the new zero-emissions 100% battery-electric eDAILY and the heavy-duty Nikola Tre battery-electric vehicle (BEV) in its European 4x2 Artic version.

IVECO is providing a glimpse of the next step on its path to zero emissions by previewing beta version of its fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) for urban, regional and long-haul missions – the eDAILY FCEV light commercial vehicle and the European 6x2 Artic version of the Nikola Tre FCEV heavy-duty truck.

IVECO, the commercial vehicle brand of Iveco Group, makes a strong statement with its vision of the future “net zero” transport at IAA Transportation, the leading international exhibition for the commercial vehicle industry. On an extensive stand covering more than 4,300 square meters, it is showing how it is reinventing technology to decarbonising mobility while providing customers with solutions tailored to their business. The display showcases the brand’s flexible full-line offer, which embodies the three key pillars that are shaping the Brand’s strategy: Business Productivity, Driver Experience and Sustainability.

It is backing up its statement of intent with tangible actions: the commercial launch of two key products on its roadmap to sustainability – the ground breaking new eDAILY and the European 4x2 Artic version of the Nikola Tre BEV (battery-electric vehicle) – and the unveiling of its first beta version fuel cell LCV and heavy truck: the eDAILY FCEV (fuel cell electric vehicle) and the European 6x2 Artic version of the Nikola Tre FCEV.

Luca Sra, President, Truck Business Unit, Iveco Group, commented at the press conference held today on the stand: “We at IVECO want to drive the road of change. We have strengthened our commitment to move society forward by partnering with our customers and powering the transformation of our industry. To do so, we have refocused our strategy, expanded our skills and reinvented our product and service approach. We have the ambition to be the most reliable partner and full-line player for our customers. We want to provide them with trustworthy, sustainable and intelligent transport solutions so they can run their business efficiently and profitably while respecting our environment. To drive the road of change, we committed to a precise roadmap to sustainability, which will see IVECO move towards net zero carbon by 2040 through an all-range multi-energy approach. And today, with the eDAILY we take another step towards our goal by further broadening the perspective of zero-emission transport”.

IVECO also unveils at IAA 2022 the new colour it has chosen for its brand logo to signal the strength of this ambition, “powering up” its flagship blue by switching to the new “Energy Blue” shade, a contemporary colour that associates the brand with power, dynamism and digital innovation.

IVECO: a unique legacy to drive the road of change
The exhibition stand draws in visitors and takes them on a journey through IVECO history, which begins with the brand’s Tree of Energy: an inverted tree with roots pointing up to the historic brands in IVECO’s unique legacy – Fiat, OM, Lancia, Unic, Magirus, Pegaso. The Tree of Energy harnesses this rich heritage to power the brand’s latest technologies displayed around it on the stand. IVECO’s forward-looking vision is tangible throughout the stand: 17 vehicles representative of the brand’s latest alternative propulsion solutions and dedicated integrated services. A further 29 vehicles are exhibited in the outdoor area, showcasing the brand’s full line covering all light, medium and heavy commercial vehicle missions as well as people mobility. IVECO is also offering visitors the opportunity to test drive the new IVECO eDAILY BEV, Nikola Tre BEV and prototype eDAILY FCEV, and experience the DAILY featuring the revolutionary Air Pro suspension.

New eDAILY: a game changer in zero emissions regional transport
IVECO leads the charge toward zero-emission electric transport with the official launch of the eDAILY. The ‘electric twin’ of the iconic DAILY, it offers the full range with all body variants – van, cab and minibus, from 3.5t to 7.2t. It maintains the DAILY’s celebrated signature features and features a 37kWh fully modular battery set that allows range optimization and makes the eDAILY adaptable to all missions.

The new eDAILY also breaks new ground by introducing electric vehicles in the conversion business with the game-changing opportunity to install different types of ePTOs up to 15kW. This means that it can power refrigeration units, cranes and other superstructures – even the most demanding ones such as waste collection and aerial platforms, as showcased on the stand.

IVECO offers a full ecosystem of services with the eDAILY to help customers find their way to e-mobility. Dedicated eservices include the innovative eDAILY Routing app, which interacts with the vehicle to predict vehicle range, required battery charges to reach the destination, and the precise arrival time. The IVECO ON Easy Daily app, integrated with the IVECO DRIVER PAL vocal assistant, offers information specific to electric vehicles, such as vehicle health check, battery level, remote scheduling of recharge and preconditioning, navigation to recharging stations, and more.

Strategic partnerships on the path to decarbonizing regional and long-haul transport
IVECO shared the stage of the Press Conference with two strategic partners in its path to decarbonization: Nikola Corporation and Hyundai Motor Company.

Nikola Corporation (Nasdaq: NKLA), whose exhibit is hosted on IVECO’s stand, announced the official opening of orders for the European 4x2 Artic version of the Nikola Tre BEV and presented a prototype Nikola Tre FCEV in its European 6x2 Artic version – the brand’s latest solutions to decarbonize regional and long-haul missions with vehicles that are intended to increase performance, efficiency and durability. These first-generation vehicles, capable of ranges of approximately 500km and 800km respectively, are competing in the toughest heavy-duty missions against very wellestablished fossil diesel, which has had more than a century and many generations of vehicles to reach their current state.

IVECO and Hyundai unveiled a working prototype of eDAILY FCEV equipped with Hyundai’s 90 kW hydrogen fuel cell system and 140 kW e-motor, and a battery pack by FPT Industrial, the powertrain brand of Iveco Group. The GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) 7.2 ton prototype has been tested in Europe, confirming a range of 350 km, maximum payload of 3 tons and a refuelling time within 15 minutes. While the eDAILY BEV is best suited to short journeys, the eDAILY FCEV will be ideal for deliveries requiring a long range with high payload. The eDAILY FCEV prototype and a Hyundai Fuel Cell exhibit are on display on the IVECO stand.

GATE: an innovative business model for zero-emission mobility
At the press conference, Iveco Group announced its plan to leverage an innovative business model to open the door to zero-emission mobility for a large number of customers: the Green & Advanced Transport Ecosystem (GATE) is an allinclusive long-term rental model for electric vehicles, which will also include an exclusive and innovative EV-dedicated pay-per-use formula.

IVECO S-WAY Fuel Hero: the vehicle that maximizes business productivity
IVECO extends its IVECO S-WAY offering with a version that features a new Cursor 13 490 hp and comes with a complete offer of smart services. The new IVECO S-WAY 490 hp delivers outstanding performance with the lower power rating of the engine developed by the renowned sister brand FPT Industrial. The vehicle is offered with a specific configuration of options which can improve overall fuel efficiency by up to 4%. IVECO's Professional Fuel Advising Service can deliver a further 4% savings. The new IVECO S-WAY 490 hp is a true Fuel Hero, the best complete offer designed to increase the customers’ fuel efficiency and maximize their business productivity.

IVECO Services: the extensive ecosystem of IVECO integrated services
The brand also unveiled IVECO Services, the soon-to-be-launched umbrella name that will cover the brand’s full portfolio of integrated services. It will create an extensive and constantly expanding ecosystem of solutions capable of supporting customers in all their business and operational requirements. The IVECO Services platform will be organised into 9 clusters to make it easy for customers to identify the solutions that match their specific requirements.

FPT Industrial: advanced powertrain technologies for IVECO’s electric offering
FPT Industrial is showcasing its advanced technologies and components for IVECO’s new electric vehicles: the Battery Pack and Central Drive featured in the new eDAILY, and the eAxle for the Nikola Tre. It is also promoting its full powertrain offering on its dedicated stand in Hall 21.

IVECO BUS: a pioneer in sustainable mobility solutions
IVECO BUS, another brand of Iveco Group and a major European player in alternative-powered vehicles, is present on the stand to represent the group's strong commitment to sustainability in the field of passenger transport. IVECO BUS solutions for zero emission urban mobility are represented in the display with the 12-meter-long full-electric EWAY night charging model equipped with camera mirror system and the latest battery technology. This 100% electric city bus contributes to the decarbonization of people transport, offering up to 400 km of range for a maximum of 462 kWh on board.

Sustainability, Business Productivity and Driver Experience: IVECO’s strategic pillars
The display on IVECO’s stand is organized in three areas dedicated to the brand’s strategic pillars, which are embodied by its flexible full-line offering of products integrated with a complete range of digital and connected services.

The Sustainability area features prominently and showcases IVECO’s complete offering for customers looking for green solutions. The display perfectly illustrates the brand’s multi-energy approach with natural gas, BEV and FCEV vehicles for a wide variety of missions – from urban to long haulage. Centre stage are the eDAILY and Nikola Tre BEV making their debut at the show. Bio-methane powered vehicles also have a key role to play in achieving sustainability targets and net-zero carbon emission goals. They have the added advantage of enabling the creation of a circular economy. The vehicles on display – the DAILY CNG panel van for parcel delivery and the IVECO S-WAY LNG swap body for international long-distance transport – are representative of IVECO’s offer of ready-to-go solutions for decarbonization.

The exhibit in the area dedicated to Business Productivity illustrates the different ways IVECO is at the side of its customers, providing complete transport solutions to help fleet owners to optimize the use of their fleets, maximize their vehicles’ uptime, reduce their TCO and improve their fuel efficiency. Vehicles like IVECO S-WAY Fuel Hero and Daily van Hi-Matic with Eco-mode on display, together with the brand’s IVECO ON connectivity-enabled services such as Fleet Management and Uptime, offer effective solutions for customers to improve their business productivity and profitability.

IVECO’s driver-centric approach is highlighted in the Driver Experience area of the stand with a sectional model of the IVECO S-WAY. It illustrates how IVECO designs its vehicles around the driver’s needs to deliver an excellent living experience with a focus on safety, comfort and connectivity. Also represented is IVECO’s extensive offering of drivercentric services developed to improve the drivers’ daily life on board. They include the Easy WAY App and the Easy Daily App which enable the driver to control the cab and vehicle management functionalities on their mobile device, as well as access the world of IVECO ON digital services. The Safe Professional Driving service helps them drive safely. IVECO Driver Pal, the first vocal driver companion, enables them to bring their digital life on board, interact with their vehicle and access IVECO’s connected services via Alexa, the Amazon voice virtual assistant. The brand also looks after the drivers with TOP CARE, the first premium assistance service in the industry, powered by IVECO’s connectivity. It supports drivers in case of unpredicted extraordinary maintenance with a fast-track service and hospitality pack. IVECO’s journey that puts the driver at the heart of its designs started in 2019, with the launch of the IVECO S-Way, and culminates in the new IVECO Driver’s Club, the fidelity program dedicated to the community of IVECO S-WAY drivers.

On display in this area of the stand are three Special Edition vehicles which bring together IVECO’s solid and prestigious heritage with its relentless pursuit of innovation to meet customers’ needs.

The Turbo Star special edition of the IVECO S-WAY pays homage to one of the brand’s most iconic, innovative and commercially successful trucks.

Two Daily special editions unveiled during the press conference offer a unique combination of past and future as they take inspiration from two iconic OM vehicles from the 50s and 60s, the Tigrotto and the Leoncino. These vehicles played a fundamental role in the world of transport, leaving their mark on the booming economy of those years. The Leoncino special edition is a vintage interpretation of the new eDAILY, while the Tigrotto is a variant of the 4x4 Daily.

A selection of IVECO’s best-in-class vehicles is also showcased on the 1,000-sqm External Area dedicated to the brand’s Mission Approach, which aims at extending and innovating its product portfolio by investing in mission-specific solutions to provide every customer with the vehicle that precisely matches their requirements.