The Stralis range of trucks and tractors

Tractors: 4x2 and 6x2

The Stralis road tractor has rear air suspension as standard, with four-air bellows and set-up regulation (+140 –70 mm). The tarctors 4x2 tractor are available in two wheelbases: 3.65 m and 3.80 m. The four engine sizes are available from the date of the launch, with left or right hand drive.

For large volumes, Stralis offers a low height tractor with full air suspension (front oscillation: +79 – 51 mm – back: +115 –50 mm) and 295/60 R 22.5 lowered tyres. Available with a wheelbase at 3.65 m. Right or left hand drive.

The 6x2 tractor with a third steered axle in front of the rear axle is available with right or left-hand drive. The wheelbase between first and driven axle is 3.8 metres.

Trucks: 6x2

The trucks available from the date of the launch are all the three-axle 6x2 type. The third axle has single wheels and is behind the rear axle. The hydraulically controlled steering on the third axle is available as an option. This technology, developed almost ten years ago by Iveco, offers great advantages in terms of handling and reduced wear on tyres. Aside from the standard 6x2, the range also includes a special model for swap bodies which features air suspension with a high oscillation range (front: +200 – 90 mm - back: +180 –104 mm). A second special model is the low high chassis frame with full air suspension (front oscillation +65 -65 mm - rear +200 - 70 mm). Wheelbases: 4.5 metres, 4.8 metres and 5.1 metres. The third axle is raisable, except on larger volume trucks, where the load transfer onto the engine shaft is accomplished simply by lightening the suspension of the third axle.