The advantages of the Stralis range for the customer

Iveco’s Stralis range gives our customers important advantages:

- Economic running. Thanks to advanced technology, the Iveco Cursor engines satisfy Euro 3 norms, with limited fuel consumption and a considerable reduction in oil consumption (the range will adopte completely synthetic oils). The aerodynamic lines of the cab and the developments in the cooling system reduce the energy required by the vehicle. The Eurotronic gearbox means operating efficiency is within the reach of all.

- Lower maintenance costs. There is much less wear on the clutch, thanks to the torque characteristics of the Cursor engines and the implementation of an automated gearbox. The longer life-span of the brakes is ensured by the presence of a powerful engine braking system and the electronic EBS system, which distributes braking energy across the axles and integrates the action of the braking system into the service brake. The new electric system guarantees the best connections quality.

- Lower downtimes. Longer intervals between oil changes (thanks to the adoption of synthetic oil) and brake work. Ordinary checks without disassembling; on-board diagnostic tools for trouble-shooting and rapid, precise technical assistance thanks to the new electric system and the Modus and IWT tools used by the Iveco network; all these solutions guarantee fleet managers maximum vehicle availability and an efficient maintenance schedule.

- Greater productivity. The fact that the cab can be easily and inexpensively adapted to the mission of the vehicle gives the fleet manager unprecedented flexibility.

- Better quality of life for the driver. The innovative solutions developed by Iveco for the interior of the Stralis Active Space cab satisfy the needs of drivers who work alone. Knowing how difficult it is for hauliers to find and keep experienced drivers, the quality of life on board and the pleasure of driving the Stralis Active Space are important factors.

- Safety. Increased comfort means less fatigue during journey time and quicker recovery when resting. The rational layout of the controls avoids attention lapses. Added to the high levels of passive safety in the Stralis cab, are the vehicle’s dynamic safety measures: EBS braking system, the engine brake mounted as standard, precision steering and roadholding.