Energy, Efficiency and Ecology

Mobility, the transport of goods and people, is without doubt one of the more important activities of mankind. Leonardo da Vinci, the great Italian painter, sculptor and scientist, wrote in his Codex Trivulzianus:

“Motion is the basis of all life”.

It is also true that transport creates value and consumes resources. In order to make it more sustainable it is possible to improve many of its key elements: from the fuel used to the technologies applied, from vehicle safety to the transport highways.

Iveco has taken on board, since its birth, the task to make transport safe, ecological and efficient, making vehicles for more than 30 years passenger and goods transport vehicles and developing technological solutions respecting the environment in which it moves and the man behind the wheel. Indeed, reconciling the growing need for transport with the need to   minimise the impact on society and the environment is one of Iveco’s priority
commitments and represents a cornerstone of its business strategy.

The E3 symbol is the graphic representation, written to be a formula, of this commitment towards a future sustainable mobility.

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