The Stralis Active Day and Active Time: designed for productivity

Productivity was the main target when developing the Stralis range, for the driver, the owner and in terms of customer service.

Productivity for the driver

The driver of a Stralis Active Day or Active Time will have many reasons to appreciate the vehicle. The fundamental qualities of the Stralis Active Space, carried over to Stralis Active Time and Active Day are certain to benefit the driver. The positive impression is confirmed as soon as you grip the door handle, which is well positioned and protected from the elements by large aerodynamic front quarter air deflectors. To reinforce the quality of the design, the doors close easily, needing no effort. Easy access on board – conveniently positioned grab handles, illuminated and non-slip steps, low floor height – all help to increase safety on missions requiring the driver to get in and out frequently. It all translates into less fatigue at the end of a day's work. Daily checks are performed at a glance under the bonnet (for the coolant) or directly from the driver's seat (oil level). If any liquid level is too low, a warning is clearly displayed on the instrument panel.

Enhanced driving …

All drivers will be able to create an optimal driving position, regardless of their size, because the steering wheel and seat both adjust. The controls are grouped rationally within easy reach, to avoid distracting the driver. With the controls on the steering wheel he can keep his eyes on the road. The large colour control monitor is easy to read. Among other information, it displays analogue and digital fuel consumption values, allowing the driver to optimise the driving style to save fuel. The wide range within which peak torque is available on the Cursor engines is another precious aid to fuel economy. High torque delivered at low engine speeds makes pulling away easier under all load conditions. EuroTronic II and manual gearboxes fitted with servoshift, can be handled effortlessly. The soundproofing and the comfort from the suspension (chassis and cab) were all designed with great care and are among the strong points of the Stralis. The high standard of passive safety on the Stralis cab is enhanced by the dynamic safety of the vehicle: EBS braking system, engine brake as standard, roadholding and pinpoint steering. The braking system on the tractor adapts automatically to the system on the semi-trailer, which minimises the risk of "jack-knifing". The quality of the braking on modern semi-trailers fitted with EBS brakes is optimised and braking distances are further reduced (by as much as 16 metres from 85 km/h).

… and resting conditions

During breaks and when spending nights on board, the driver will appreciate the functional layout of the interior space particularly the numerous storage compartments and a bunk that converts into a bench seat. Various features simplify life on board, including a cool-box or fridge, bottle holders and cup holders. In terms of living space, the "top of the range" remains the Active Time cab with a medium roof, in which it is possible to stand upright.

Productivity for the owner

Running costs are kept low by reducing the cost per kilometre, ensuring the vehicle is always available and limiting down time for maintenance work.

Low cost per kilometre

As a result of their sophisticated technology, Iveco Cursor engines respect Euro 3 emissions standards, with fuel consumption that is equal to or lower than that achieved with Euro2 engines. The aerodynamics of the cab and changes made to the cooling system reduce the amount of energy consumed to propel the vehicle. The low oil consumption of Cursor engines has been common knowledge among users for five years now. The EuroTronic II gearbox enables all drivers to achieve an economical driving style. The vehicles' low kerb weight is another factor that enhances productivity for the owner.

Oil change intervals have been extended. Between 100,000 and 150,000 km for the engine oil. 300,000 km for the gearboxes, with synthetic oil. Between 160,000 and 300,000 km for the rear axle, with synthetic oil. The duration of braking system components subject to wear has also increased. Thanks to EBS, brake pads can now last for 300,000 or 400,000 km. The clutch is less subject to wear, thanks to the torque delivery of the Cursor engines and the adoption of the EuroTronic II automated gearbox.

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