The toughest vehicle engineered for the most extreme off-road missions

IVECO completes the IVECO WAY heavy range with the new off-road truck designed and engineered for the toughest missions in the most extreme conditions, which takes over from the legendary TRAKKER.

The new IVECO T-WAY introduces a new HI-TRONIX automated transmission with functions specifically developed for off-road mobility. The new rear disc brakes, heavy-duty rear suspension system for Tandem axles, lower kerb weight and a host of features such as the HI-TRACTION system, together with the high connectivity, digital services and high-comfort cab add up to outstanding efficiency and profitability.

IVECO now offers a complete, renewed line-up for off-road missions with the new IVECO T-WAY and the IVECO X-WAY.

IVECO presented today the new IVECO T-WAY heavy off-road vehicle to its dealer network and representatives of the international trade press in a live digital event. The IVECO T-WAY builds on the heritage of robustness and reliability of the brand’s long lineage of champion off-roaders. It introduces state-of-the art technological solutions to exceed all expectations in productivity, payload capacity, safety and driver comfort. These characteristics of extreme toughness, high performance and reliability are clearly expressed by the theme of the advertising launch campaign: “TREAT IT BAD”.

IVECO took an innovative approach to the virtual launch specially designed for the IVECO Live Channel. It offered participants a unique experience, telling an immersive story made up of a mix of video content and live interactions. It took the guests on a journey of discovery through IVECO’s off-road world and unveiled the latest-born in its long lineage of legendary trucks.

Luca Sra, Chief Operating Officer IVECO Truck Business Unit, said: “Today we open a new chapter in IVECO’s extraordinary off-road history with the launch of the IVECO T-WAY, heir to the throne of the TRAKKER as the ‘strongest of the heaviest’. This extra-strong vehicle, a true champion of performance, sturdiness and durability, will further consolidate IVECO’s presence in the heavy off-road sector. The IVECO T-WAY completes the renewal of our heavy IVECO WAY range, which is now one of the freshest, richest and most innovative on the market.

Thomas Hilse, IVECO Brand President, stated: “We have shaken up the industry with the on-road IVECO S-WAY. Today, we are doing it again in the off-road sector. We are about to take trucking into the future in this segment too, and the future is now, with the IVECO T-WAY. We designed the IVECO T-WAY with the ambition to set new standards in robustness, reliability, efficiency, handling, body-fitting flexibility and connected services – and design, a ‘must’ for an Italian brand. The name says it all: T for Tough!”