Innovative cab interiors

The Active Space cab interior fulfils three objectives:

- it improves working and safety conditions, thanks to a more adaptable driving position, a dashboard featuring a screen which shows all the functions and operating parameters, controls above and below the steering wheel, and a superior level of driving comfort;
- it enhances the quality of life on board, with its flat floor, high roof and the new layout of the rest area;
- it offers total modularity, adapting to any kind of usage and can be changed easily and economically with its mission or when resold, thanks to the ‘decentralised’ customisation option.

In designing the fittings of the cab we took into account all the observations of users from the launch of the EuroTech and EuroStar (1992 and 1993), market trends and the evolving nature of the missions of the driver and vehicle. After detailed market research, we came up with a variety of different solutions for the driving space, layout of the controls and fittings for the rest area. All of these solutions were tested with a group of users made up of hauliers and drivers: the professionals of the transport world unanimously approved the definitive version. The creativity of the Iveco design division was thus able to guarantee total comfort for the driver.

The Active Space cabin is available in one version: a long cab with a high roof, which adapts to all short or long distance transport missions, with one or two drivers, thanks to the modularity of the interior space. Cab customisation can be postponed until the moment of delivery and fleet managers can even change cab fittings cheaply so as to respond to a new transport mission. The two secrets of the system are, on the one hand, the standard presence of points for attaching of all possible optional features. On the other, the commercial management of an “assembly kit” which guarantees the client the same price for fittings, whether these are mounted in the factory or at the dealership immediately prior to the delivery of the vehicle. This ‘decentralised’ customisation is also available when the vehicle is sold on, so that it can respond to the needs of its new owner.

With the Active Space cab, Iveco offers all its customers the flat floor and dining area with armchair and table across the range. This democratic approach to the layout of the living space was also seen when the high roof appeared as standard on the EuroTech in 1992.

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