A functional but comfortable interior

The interiors of the Stralis Active Time and Active Day cabs meet two needs:
- to improve working conditions and safety, with a more modular driving position, an instrument panel that includes a monitor to display vehicle performance parameters, controls grouped below and ahead of the steering wheel, superior driving comfort;
- to enhance life on board Stralis Active Time, by the way the rest area is configured.

In terms of the driving position, the arrangement of the controls and the living space, the configuration of the Stralis cabs is the result of detailed analysis of the driving and working conditions experienced by drivers in most European countries. The solutions developed by Iveco’s designers have been tested and approved by both owners and drivers. The validity of this approach was confirmed by the excellent welcome which drivers have given the Active Space cab.

Low driving position

To reduce driver fatigue during multi-drop delivery cycles, when they get in and out of their vehicles constantly, the Active Time and Active Day cabs have been lowered by 15 cm. When fully laden, the cab floor is only 1.24 m above the ground with 315/80 R 22.5 tyres. On the other hand, the engine tunnel is wider and 35 cm high. The new cab suspension has two front air bellows and two rear coil springs. Because of their low oscillation frequency, the air bellows filter the vibration produced by the road and the semi-trailer. Optionally, the suspension on the Active Time sleeper cab can be of the four air bellows type.

The driving position is identical to that on the Stralis Active Space. The air-sprung seat adjusts for reach, height and rake. It is upholstered in a cheerful red cloth, and incorporates a head restraint and a seat belt. The air in the seat can be exhausted to make it easy to get out of the vehicle. Because the steering wheel fulcrum point is higher, it has a generous range of angular movement: from 20° to 40° from the vertical, accommodating a wide variety of driver needs. The height of the steering wheel can also be adjusted, by depressing an air button on the floor.

The armrest on the driver’s door houses a panel with the electric window controls as well as the optional demisting and electrical adjustment for the door mirrors. The kerbside observation window has been retained Active Day cab, but eliminated on the Active Time cab to protect the driver's privacy when sleeping on board. The recess in the door is large enough for a litre bottle of water. The cloth upholstery of the door panels is identical to that of the seats and each door has a sun visor.

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