Living space in the cab

Three usage categories

Following market research in Europe and beyond, Iveco carried out an analysis of the missions of drivers and trucks. The following three categories emerged:

- the single driver who covers medium distances, but with the regulations regarding hours of work is sometimes obliged to spend the night in his vehicle. Another variant on the same theme is when more than one driver uses the vehicle, but one of them may have to sleep on board, which is typical in the case of fleets;

- the single driver who covers long distances and sleeps in the cab for several nights in a row. In this case the same vehicle is usually assigned to the driver, except on days off and during holidays;

- a team of two long-distance drivers.

These three categories which may be present in the same company, call for completely different fittings. For instance, in the first two cases, the passenger seat is only used occasionally. If the various options are only available in the factory, the haulier will tend to opt for a compromise, which satisfies his needs and will not have a negative effect on the subsequent sale of the vehicle. But without really making full use of all the functions or getting full value for money. With Iveco’s Active Space cab, thanks to the ‘decentralised’ customisation option, you can get the best fittings for your needs and adapt them during the lifetime of the vehicle.

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