The model in brief

In order to respond to the up-to-date needs of both urban and extra-urban goods transport, Iveco presents the new ECODAILY, the latest step in the continuous renewal of its product range, with confirming itself to be the ideal partner for all transport professionals.
Resulting from the wealth of experience gained from vehicles in the field and from continuous research and development, Iveco’s light commercial vehicle range, European leader, responds to customers’ competitive and innovative needs with state of the art solutions. The applied technology is at the complete service of the professionals who will verify for themselves, as well as the strength and durability but also the intelligence of this commercial vehicle. But not only: with ECODAILY from today, the range is even fuller with the addition of new versions that add to its legendary robustness with an even more marked respect for the environment. ECODAILY is, in fact, a vehicle showing innovation to the full and extreme respect for ecology without compromise to its performance, durability or reliability.

Daily, since its birth in 1978, has chalked up a string of positive acclaims for its innovative design evolution, where aesthetics and functionality are integrated with equilibrium and style. Already, over 30 years ago, Daily served as the perfect portable ‘container’ of goods or passengers but, at the same time, distinguished itself for its modern and original style that, in its world of transport professionals, pushed itself to the fore to become the icon that it is today. From the start, Daily was and remains a great working ‘colleague’ with an outstanding personality.
Today, these characteristics are even more accentuated. Daily is designed and produced keeping in mind the users’ mobility needs and necessities with a redesigned front end, integrating the upper and lower grille areas, so giving Daily immediate recognition. Inside the driver’s cab, born for and around the driver as an ideal place to live and work, travel safely and comfortably and providing personal well-being. Daily almost ‘welcomes’ the driver and passengers on board with a sensible choice of materials and colours creating an ideal atmosphere for the day ahead.
This aspect of Daily’s style serves as a ‘visiting card’ with which the company values and philosophy are transmitted but this is only a brief introduction to the point of strength of Daily.

Daily has always been considered ‘traction champion’ in its class, thanks to rear wheel drive and high performance engines. The first ensures the maximum traction under all load conditions and road surfaces while the second provides power and torque at the height of its product category.
An extended range of FPT (Fiat Powertrain Technologies) engines providing improved performance coupled with the best in class respect for the environment. As a result in changes to the way in which light commercial vehicles are homologated for engine emissions, Iveco has responded with an even wider choice of engine ratings, providing customers with a full range of both homologation regimes.
2.3 litre engine versions are all certified the Euro 4 standard, according to the light duty regime and bring new power ratings of 106cv and 126cv with exceptional engine torque ratings of 270Nm and 290Nm respectively, in addition to the previously available ratings of 96cv, 116cv and 136cv. Also certified to the Euro 4 standard according to the light duty regime is the 3.0 litre engine at ratings of 146cv and 176cv. All these engine ratings are met using proven Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) technology.

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