Eurocargo Euro VI. Perfect for every situation

Iveco presents the new Eurocargo Euro VI: a medium range vehicle with numerous achievements, reinforced by reliability and flexibility, making it a multi-purpose vehicle that can be adapted for every mission type.


Europe’s favourite “medium range”, a veritable icon in its segment for its versatility, sets another record today by combining the cutting-edge innovation with superior power and optimized fuel efficiency through the exclusive HI-eSCR technology, patented by FPT Industrial. This innovative after treatment system reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by over 95% without altering the combustion process, without the requirement of an auxiliary cooling system and without affecting the vehicle’s architecture and costs.


The new Tector 5 and 7 Euro VI engines are the only ones in this segment to offer HI-eSCR technology thereby positioning themselves at the top of their category, supplying elevated and consistent performance.


The new range includes three new Tector 5 models – with 160, 190 and 210 HP – and four Tector 7 models, with 220, 250, 280 and 320 HP. The displacement of the Tector 5 and Tector 7, four and six cylinders respectively ,has been increased to obtain optimal versatility for various applications.


The engine power of the Tector 5, with a displacement of 4.5 litres, has been increased by 13%, permitting the vehicle to reach 210 HP. The performance of the Tector 7 engine, with a 6.7 litre, has also been improved with an increase in power  of up to 320 HP thanks to a 7% increase in power.


The Eurocargo range is also enhanced with a new Eurotronic automated ZF transmission with 12 gears, available for the 6-cylinder Tector 7 as well as for towing versions.


The introduction of these innovative new features has had a positive effect on the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership - the cost of managing the vehicle), Iveco's real “focus” when designing the new Eurocargo Euro VI. For the average vehicle carrying out varied missions which will alternate between urban, intra-urban and motorway travel, the efficiency of the HI-eSCR system allows drivers to maintain unchanged the equivalent consumption (diesel + Urea).


The HI-eSCR system technology provides improved performance on inter-urban missions, with a 2% reduction in fuel consumption. Furthermore, across all missions, the upgrading from the 6 cylinder 220 HP Euro V to the new 210 HP 4 cylinder Euro VI brings a reduction in fuel consumption equivalent to 4.5%.


In addition, the maintenance intervals have also been tailored to guarantee the longest possible running time, maintaining safety levels and decreasing vehicle downtime. The residual value of the vehicle reflects its intrinsic quality: thanks to ongoing qualitative improvements, the Eurocargo Euro VI is more efficient in terms of running time, and maintains a higher residual value over time.


Ultimately, thanks to the excellent results obtained in terms of fuel consumption, maintenance and value, the new Eurocargo VI also confirms its position as a leader in competitiveness in terms of management costs.