The Stralis Active Time and Active Day range of rigids and tractors

Rigids: 4x2 and 6x2

Stralis Rigids can have two or three axles. The standard version of the 4x2 rigid has a front suspension system with two parabolic leaf springs and rear air suspension with four bellows. There is the option of rear suspension with parabolic leaf springs for 270 Hp, 310 Hp and 350 Hp versions. A version with air suspension all round is envisaged with all engines. It is designed with fragile goods in mind and particular delivery missions, which demand significant variations in the height and slope of the floor during loading and unloading.

A specific model will be available for car transporters, with a 400 or 430 Hp engine, Active Time cab, 5.5 metre wheelbase and air suspension all round, The front axle is curved to reduce the height of the chassis.

The three-axle rigids are of the 6x2 type. The third axle, with single wheels and situated behind the rear axle, can be fixed or steered by an electro-hydraulic system. The latter technology, perfected by Iveco in the last decade, offers considerable advantages in terms of handling and reduction of tyre wear. The two rear axles have air suspension while the front suspension is parabolic leaf springs. In addition to these versions, Iveco also offers two models with air suspension all round. The first is intended for the same delivery missions as the 4x2 described above. The second was designed expressly to transport containers, with air suspension with a generous range of up and down adjustment (+200/-90 mm at the front; +180/-104 mm at the rear). The front suspension geometry has four longitudinal arms and a transverse arm.

Iveco has also provided a 6x2 tractor with a third axle with twin wheels, which is fixed and liftable, but still located behind the rear axle. The air suspension system has four bellows on the rear axle and on the third axle, so that it can be homologated as 12 t + 8 t or 10.5 t + 10.5 t.


Tractors: 4x2 and 6x2

The standard Stralis tractor has four bellows air suspension at the rear with up-down movement of (+140/-70 mm). There is a choice of two wheelbases (3.65 m and 3.80 m) and four engines: 310 Hp, 350 Hp, 400 Hp and 430 Hp.

Iveco has also provided two variants of the chassis with a reinforced frame. One is designed for demanding routes, such as those still found in Eastern Europe. The RR ("rough roads") model has a front suspension capacity of 8 tonnes. The other is designed for mixed applications, where most of the journey is on regular roads but terminates on the dirt tracks of construction sites. The rear axle has the final drives in the wheel hubs (hence the name HR, "hub reduction"); derived from the EuroTrakker range, it improves both ground clearance and hill starts. The HR and RR tractors have the same air suspension at the rear, and are available with Cursor 10-400 and 10-430 engines.

For high volume loads, Iveco has designed a low height tractor with air suspension all round and low profile 295/60 R 22.5 or mixed tyres (315/60 R 22.5 at the front and 295/60 R 22.5 at the rear).

To conclude, we must mention the 6x2 tractor, designed for the British market in particular, on which the third, steered axle with air suspension, is positioned in front of the driven axle, with an optional lifting facility. The maximum wheelbase is 3.80 m.