ECOSTRALIS: the ECOlogical and ECOnomical heavy commercial vehicle from Iveco

Following the success of the ECODAILY, Iveco presents the ECOSTRALIS to the market, extending the availability of the ECO logic and the strong points of the initiative created for the light range vehicles to the company’s flagship, the Stralis.

With the arrival of the ECOSTRALIS, Iveco has perfected its product offering and created a range of completely renewed heavy commercial vehicles with a perfect mix of economy and ecology.

The ECOSTRALIS satisfies the market’s growing demand for mobility while also reducing the impact of road transport on the environment. As we all know, sustainability in the transport world is a strategic choice for Iveco, seeing innovation as the key to limiting environmental impact. Iveco’s commitment to the environment has proceeded hand in hand with technical innovation. The ECOSTRALIS is Iveco’s most important contribution to sustainable mobility, it is a vehicle that combines high technology, respect for the environment, productivity and efficiency in its low fuel consumption engines.

The new ECOSTRALIS has been optimised with regard to its engines, its aerodynamics and its electronic systems, and is a clear candidate for the most efficient and environmentally sustainable in its category.