The Stralis Active Space cab: new inside and out

The new Active Space cab, based on the structural body of the existing EuroStar cab, has a completely new exterior and interior, which contribute to the aerodynamics, image, fittings of the driving position and rest area.

Styling which cuts fuel costs

The exterior of the Stralis cab has been designed to guarantee optimum airflow: the corners of the cab front and bumpers are more rounded, as is the front of the high roof. The flowing lines are the result of research into aerodynamics and give the Stralis a modern, streamlined look. The big lateral deflectors channel the flow of air towards the side of the cab and effectively protect the side windows, mirrors and door handles from mud coming up off the front wheels. The outsize grille means increased air flow to the radiator. Trials in the wind tunnel have helped shape the general outline of the cab, as well as a few details, such as the sun visor, the moulded raised roof and aerodynamic elements between the cab and bodywork, and between the cab and semitrailer.
When the Active Space cab is teamed with a trailer the raised roof comes with a standard built-in adjustable deflector. For tractors Iveco offers a three-dimensional deflector with an upper adjustable part and two side fenders. The left-hand side fender is adjustable to provide access to the catwalk. In this way the cab and bodywork (of the truck or semitrailer) are completely streamlined, up to an exterior height of four metres.
The improved aerodynamics mean less wind resistance, and consequently lower fuel consumption, with maximum efficiency at cruising speed, statistically proven to be the most frequent operating speed.

Design and functionality

Research into aerodynamics came up with a fluid outline, but left a certain amount of freedom as to styling. Iveco wanted the new range to have a powerful image, without resorting to overly aggressive elements, and at the same time to create a feeling of comfort, as well as looking good on the road. And with its roots in the land of vehicle design Iveco also had to give a touch of class to products which would be conveying its clients’ image too. The famous design studio Garnero worked together with Iveco technicians and designers.

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