“Perfect in every situation”: the communication campaign

Eurocargo Euro VI, designed and produced in Brescia in its more than 11,000 available versions, is “perfect in every situation”, as is stated by the pay-off in the communication campaign accompanying the market launch of the new Euro VI product. The campaign aims to highlight the vehicle’s “European-ness”, starting with its very name “Eurocargo”, as well as its roots and history.

Eurocargo is a product that has Europe in its name and in its history, and which represents efficiency, leading-edge technology and Italian production quality: a case history which demonstrates not only European success, but also Italian excellence.


The vehicle will be introduced on a tour that will take it to the five most representative markets – Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Italy – that constitute about 90% of volume in Europe. These five countries, particularly their capitals, will also be the starring locations for the campaign’s photo shoots for the Eurocargo Euro VI. From the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the House of Parliament in London, and the Place Vendôme in Paris to the Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid and the Mole Antonelliana in Turin, the Eurocargo will travel across Europe to symbolise the European calling of a product that has come to stand for the history of Iveco throughout the world.

The vehicle’s launch colour, red, known as “Rosso Maranello”, will be the campaign’s true “fil rouge”, in perfect harmony with the spaces and locations that the vehicle will cross.


There is also a new, original app for iPad available for the new Iveco Eurocargo Euro VI. Available free from the iTunes App Store from 1st December 2013 in six languages (Italian, English, Spanish, French, German and Polish), the “NEW EUROCARGO” app features an original interactive menu which allows you to discover the main innovations introduced on the new vehicle which Iveco offers to customers.