Gearboxes: New automatic gearbox with 12 gears

The transmission has a great impact on a vehicle’s performance and fuel consumption. In order to meet the requirements of each mission, the new Eurocargo Euro VI offers the most extensive range in the sector, with six manual ZF gearboxes with 5, 6 and 9 gears; four automated Eurotronic ZF gearboxes with 6 and 12 gears and three Allison automatic transmissions with 5 gears.


All models in the range are available with manual, automatic and automated transmission.

The new range is now augmented by the option of a new Eurotronic automated transmission with 12 gears for all 6-cylinder Tector 7 engines, from 12 to 19 tonnes. Also available on tow versions, this new transmission system delivers the optimum performance with heavy loads, with reduced clutch wear. It has a capacity of 1,100 Newtons/metre of torque with bulk and weight content.


The Allison automated transmissions with torque converter are available for the entire 4x2 range and offer maximum comfort on urban missions, where an average of 1,200 gear changes are made per day.