New Eurocargo Euro VI Where the Eurocargo is made

The plant in Brescia is a production enterprise that has been important both to Iveco and to the city since its inception. The plant in fact was the home of the glorious OM, originally the Fabbrica Automobili Roberto Züst in 1903, which then became OM in 1928 and was acquired by Fiat in 1968. After initially manufacturing cars (including race cars), OM moved into the agricultural sector and then on to industrial vehicles. In 1975, OM was one of the “founding members” that gave life to Iveco and became part of the new company in all respects. This plant, which was already producing medium vehicles under the OM brand, was chosen in 1991 to start production of the Eurocargo.


In total, the plant today has about 2,300 employees, and comprises a total area of 676,000 m2, of which about 300,000 m2 is covered. It was recently renovated in accordance with the precepts of World Class Manufacturing (WCM), an integrated model for the organisation of manufacturing introduced by the Fiat Group: from management of environment aspects and workplace safety to maintenance and logistics, with particular attention being paid to eliminating waste.


WCM applies to all areas of production, with the objective of optimising results by continuously improving processes and product quality, controlling and progressively reducing production costs, becoming more flexible in responding to market requirements, and involving and motivating individuals.