After sales: innovations in maintenance for the Eurocargo Euro VI

The productivity of Eurocargo Euro VI also extends to after-sales. In order to demonstrate its commitment to controlling maintenance costs for the entire lifetime of the Eurocargo Euro VI, Iveco has created the original spare parts kit for scheduled maintenance, which enables savings of 25% on the cost of each spare part. The kits are included in the wide range of personalised Elements assistance programmes, thus adding convenience to the numerous advantages already offered by Elements.

Accessories: a new dedicated line

The Iveco Accessories line is enriched with new products dedicated to Eurocargo Euro VI that enable owners to customise technologies, safety features, inside and outside. In particular, owners can purchase the professional, waterproof telecamera kit with prismatic lenses, which ensures maximum visibility when manoeuvring, and the perimeter volumetric anti-theft kit with a phone dialler for the safety of the vehicle and its load.