A unique vehicle for its class


The new Eurocargo is the most suitable vehicle for every type of use in the medium segment. This is thanks to its power, payload, range, gearboxes and suspensions which are unmatched in the market. The flexibility of the Eurocargo is undisputed and it is a model that continues to be a point of reference for competitors. The vehicle is able to carry out all of the principal missions in its category: from distribution to the transport of refrigerated goods, from construction to municipal services; as well as being a specialist for meeting the demands of the market: from fire protection to waste collection and the transport of people.


Its structure, steel ‘C’ section side members with a high-yield index, is completely devoid of obstructions, permitting for higher body lengths from 4,265 to 10,175 mm. The vehicle allows for easy driving in all circumstances: from urban centres where it demonstrates its extraordinary manoeuvrability thanks to a cabin that measures only 210 mm, a 52-degree steering angle and a reduced turning diameter (less than 11 metres with 2,790 mm wheelbase); and motorways where it is stable and secure in the event of last-minute manoeuvres.

Its exceptionally robust structure and safety equipment make the vehicle suitable for rough surfaces and extreme conditions.


Comfortable for those at the wheel

Iveco has always guaranteed superior comfort for its vehicles in terms of ergonomics, reduced vibrations and  low noise levels.

The cab of the Eurocargo is simple, intuitive and handy. The controls are organized logically: all instruments are directly positioned in front of the driver; all of the commands are in the steering wheel area. Frequently used push controls are grouped along the dashboard for easy access and for maximum safety.

The instrument panel has been graphically redesigned,  and can display all information regarding the journey and the constant monitoring of the vehicle’s parameters and route: fuel level, tyre pressure, average fuel consumption and instantaneous fuel consumption, maintenance schedules, travel time and average speed.


Superior quality of life on-board the Eurocargo is ensured by the different cab types, adapted for different mission types: the day cab for distribution and short routes ; the sleeper  cab with a low or high roof, for long distances requiring an overnight stay, equipped with one or two bunks as well as the option for a fridge; a double cabin to accommodate six passengers plus the driver (ideal for the transport of work teams to construction sites). The seats are available with either fabric or PVC fittings in order to assure maximum resistance and practicality.



Security is fundamental for a commercial vehicle which operates in many diverse conditions: safety for those in transit from drivers to pedestrians, for the cargo, and for the value of investment.

Iveco addresses this theme with a 360° approach by manufacturing vehicles on a daily basis that protect the vehicle’s driver and passengers as well as safeguarding the safety of all road users. Eurocargo is a testament to Iveco’s continued commitment to safety, providing technical and technological solutions for preventive, active and passive safety.


In terms of passive safety, Iveco has created cabs that effectively protect in the event of a collision, for active safety, the company supplies the vehicle with the best hold and braking in its category. For preventive safety, Iveco offers drivers a pleasant work environment that reduces fatigue and stress. Also contributing to safety are the latest generation electronic systems including the new stability control system (EVSC) available as an optional for vehicles from 6 to 10 tons, and as standard for 12 to 19-ton series.


The Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control (EVSC) system activates in the event of over steering, under steering or sudden route deviations. At the first sign of skidding, the EVSC system is activated, adjusting the engine power and braking on individual wheels with different intensities so as to stabilize the position of the vehicle.


The EVSC system of the new Eurocargo Euro VI can also be integrated on request with the Hill Holder device, which is used to ease hill starts. Its function is to prevent the vehicle from rolling back for a few seconds after the brake pedal is released. Thanks to this solution, uphill take-off is performed without danger, without the slipping of the clutch and with much lower wear on tyres.


In addition to improved safety, this feature also helps to create a pleasant driving environment, allowing you to travel in comfort, even over long distances. A new hands-free device is now available on the Eurocargo Euro VI, which links to the new Bluetooth ® radio, allowing drivers to talk on the phone without letting go of the wheel. The radio is “Made for Apple” certified, and is thus compatible with iPods and iPhones.



The Eurocargo’s reliability is further reinforced by the evolution of the Tector engine due to the technological solutions offered by HI-eSCR which improves performance and durability. Furthermore, the Eurocargo has adopted an exceptionally durable rolled chassis with mechanical characteristics that are similar to heavy vehicles, but with lighter weight.

Thanks to its chassis with steel side struts in a C formation with a high yield limit, the vehicle is capable of withstanding the stress of unbalanced loads or a sudden change of direction.



The suspensions

The suspensions adopted for the Eurocargo are reinforced parabolic, semi-elliptical and pneumatic, as well as full air (with two bags for the 6 to 14 ton versions and four bags for the 15 to 18 ton versions) with an ECAS (Electronically-Controlled Air Suspension) system that improves driving comfort and the constant weight of the vehicle in terms of speed, cargo and road type.



The braking system

Axles, rear axle and the braking system all guarantee reliability and the maintenance of characteristics over time, above all, the technologically advanced braking system stands for security.

The entire Eurocargo range, with Tector 5 and Tector 7 engines, is equipped with a standard engine brake. Additionally, there is also the possibility to select intervention modes via the lever located to the right of the steering column. All of the 4x2 versions have disc brakes on both axles with discs and pads on the 6 to 10 ton range. The braking system is hydro-pneumatic for the 6-10 ton range and entirely pneumatic for the 11-19 ton range.

An large set of options allows for the creation of “made-to-measure” configurations for specific missions and for frequent routes, guaranteeing safety and comfort in all conditions and road surfaces.


Easily equipped

The strong point of this medium range vehicle is its versatility and the Eurocargo is perfect for every type of configuration: from refuse collectors to  tippers , from refrigerated vans to 3-way tippers, from tanks to commercial vans, from tail lifts to fire protection configurations, from small compactors to sweepers.

The vast range of final drive ratios and gearboxes enables the vehicle to adjust itself to every kind of professional challenge, territory or configuration: high gears for long highway journeys, low gears for short missions on harsh or rough roads (construction sites, dirt roads, mountainous routes).

The shorter wheelbase typical of this category is particularly appreciated by body-builders who can use the Eurocargo as the ideal base for a multitude of missions from short to medium length.