Heir to its own legacy

The Eurocargo is a reliable and versatile means of transport with a successful story starting from its launch in 1991 as the first vehicle in its class designed and developed by Iveco. Over the course of the years, the Eurocargo has received numerous international recognitions including the prestigious “International Truck of the Year 1992” award. The vehicle can define itself as the heir to a model series that has written history for the medium weight segment. This history precedes that of Iveco’s foundation itself: from the rounded form of the Lupetto from OM in Brescia, first launched in 1959; to the more modern and angular Gamma Z in 1977 up to the introduction of a new turbo engine in 1987 with the TurboZeta range.

Important highlights in the history of the Eurocargo

1959 Lupetto Launch
1977 Gamma Z Launch
1987 TurboZeta Launch
1991 EuroCargo Launch
1992 "International Truck of the Year"
1993 "Road Tester Choice" in the United Kingdom
1994 "Fleet Truck of the Year" in the United Kingdom
1996 "Best Imported Truck" in Germany
1996 "MidiEuro Test" for fuel economy and overall productivity for a 12 t version
1997 EuroCargo MY 97 Launch
1998 "MidiEuro Test" for the 7.5 t version
1999 Launch of the new EuroCargo EL range
2001 Launch of the new EuroCargo Tector
2002 "Best Light Truck" in the United Kingdom
2003 Eurocargo MY 2003 Launch
2005 Introduction of the new 140E and 160E variations
2006 Introduction of the Euro4&Euro5 models
2008 New Eurocargo Launch
2013 Eurocargo Euro VI Launch

From its market début in 1991, the Eurocargo has always placed itself amongst the top-selling trucks in its segment, a testimony to its success. In 1999 the EL range was launched, specially designed for urban distribution applications. The new version features technical solutions such as a lowered cab, lighter chassis and tyres with a smaller diameter.

The introduction of the Tector engine in 2000 and the restyling of the cab in 2003 further consolidated the status of this vehicle as a leader in its category. In 2008, Iveco presented an important vehicle renewal with a wide range of models, and a greater number of available versions and new features that guarantee customers a vehicle configuration which is increasingly more adapted for their requirements.