Irisbus Daily: the people career synonymous with comfort

Boasting all the quality of the new model, the Irisbus Daily MPV also includes all the traditional features of the Daily (reliability, manoeuvrability, comfort and respect for the environment) and the advantages of a minibus, all packed into the dimensions of a light commercial vehicle which can easily negotiate traffic in the biggest cities.
Thanks to the increased window surface area, the Irisbus Daily delivers comprehensive road handling, not to mention superb light penetration and thus unprecedented levels of interaction with the surrounding environment. This is thanks to the numerous available features, from rubber-cushioned windows with opening top panel to elegant and non-tinted panoramic double windows.

However, “onboard wellbeing” also means appreciating the convenience of new wraparound seats, which are notable for a number of features. These include a foldaway armrest which can be raised into line with the seat contour using one simple motion, whilst the backrest provides lumbar support to help the passenger assume correct posture and can be reclined as desired. Upholstery comes in the form of velvet, leather and various textiles. Above the seats, overhead luggage racks allow the transport of oversized objects, without counting that the internal roof height allows passengers to move around with minimum fuss.
For increased travel comfort, the vehicle can be fitted with pneumatic suspension which softens bumpy surfaces. In terms of climate control, a number of options are available: from driver air-conditioning to passenger air-conditioning with individual air flow control, not forgetting independent auxiliary heating to cope with the coldest environments.
The Irisbus Daily proves itself to be both versatile and flexible. The range offers vehicles intended for both urban and tourism transport, with a wide series of solutions including school buses and dial-a-ride service models to luxury passenger transfer.
The chassis frame support with flat chassis platform makes the ideal base for any type of interior fittings. In order to fulfil any type of need, numerous bodywork fittings are available for each chassis version, featuring reduced shield. They are lightweight and complete and, thanks to their special strength, can reach up to 7t GVW, 8.6m in length and offer 28-passenger vehicle capacity.
Finally, the range offers infinite versions which are equipped with various solutions for transporting passengers of varying mobility.