Versatility and strength for business

Robust and reliable as only a truck manufacturer can guarantee: Iveco Daily adopts a chassis frame for structural rigidity, resistance to wear and long-lasting durability.
The New Daily is synonymous with quality and reliability thanks also to uncompromising design choices, many of them “invisible”: for example, the complete redesign of the electrical system, which now features innovative CAN-BUS architecture.
With regard to traditional wiring, this presents a more linear layout requiring less connections (a reduction of around 30%), improves and facilitates off-board and on-board diagnostics and adds new functions in keeping with the latest innovations in the automotive world. CAN-BUS also adds to the Daily’s legendary versatility; thanks to the availability of special connectors, the new system can interface with the most diverse configurations – from breakdown trucks to refrigerated vehicles, from campers to MPVs.
The new displays indicate vehicle status and travel information via the trip computer. Also available will be the new radio (complete with MP3 player) and, from the end of 2006 fixed double-DIN size navigation system (with ample large-format screen), a hands-free wireless telephone system with Bluetooth technology which guarantees maximum driving safety under all conditions. The device is integrated into the dashboard, automatically reducing the volume of the stereo (if switched on), thus allowing users with a Bluetooth mobile phone to make a call, even if their phone is in the pocket of their jacket or bag, whilst they use the stereo speakers to listen to the caller on the other end. The device also enables the driver to browse information on the vehicle display.
Finally, the New Daily has undergone a series of enhancements for improvement of real and perceived quality. Beginning with the new and more efficient rear door locking mechanism, followed by new fuel tanks which offer at least 200 mm ground clearance; last but not least is the new suspended sliding side door (which guarantees excellent reliability and requires minimum effort to open and close).