Italian style by Giugiaro

When the Daily model was first launched in 1978, it won accolades for its innovative design, in which aesthetics and functionality were integrated in a careful, stylistic balance. The Daily shows itself to be a perfect vehicle for stowing and transferring goods or transporting people. Whilst being notable for its modern and original style which, outside of professional circles, is more than enough to inspire any onlooker. In short, the Daily has proved itself to be the ideal workmate with a big personality.
Today, the New Daily is once more ahead of its time: it goes beyond the concept of “attractive and functional” to become a defining feature of one’s business image. In this sense it picks up on an emerging trend in the world of transport, especially light transport: the commercial vehicle is no longer simply a work tool, it is also a “calling card” which helps convey the values and philosophy of one’s business.
In terms of the quality of its image, a big leap forward was required in order to make the model a benchmark for the current market. This is why the style of the New Daily bears the hallmark of one of the most famous designers in the world: Giorgetto Giugiaro.
The vehicle boasts a harmonious contour marked by defining touches which make it immediately recognisable. It starts with the stylish front end, which accentuates the design adopted across the Iveco family, and notably includes the integrated bumper-grill unit, bonnet and roof. The raised bumper offers greater vehicle protection whilst the front lights, with integrated fog lights, round off its highly arresting and personalised image.
Seen from profile, the New Daily also shows off its solidity and volume capacity, thanks to a sleek and elegant contour. Amongst other things, the wide-angle wing mirrors stick right out of the flanks, offering optimum rear visibility whilst elegantly integrating the side indicators (made more visible thanks to their raised height).
Even the rear end has been redesigned with the precise objective of conveying balance and strength. This is demonstrated by the spoiler, with roof air vents, which incorporates the third brake light and loading area light. Also new are the rear vehicle light units (with reverse lights and fog lights on each side), the hinges, access step and under-door guards. The New Daily’s character can be further enhanced with roof racks and bumpers painted to match the bodywork colour.