Euro 4 engines with more output and torque





The New Daily has always been considered a “champion of mobility”. This is down to its rear traction and high-performance engines: in fact, the former guarantees maximum acceleration with regard to maximum payload whilst the latter ensures levels of torque and output which are consistently at the top of its class. The result? Unbeatable adherence and mobility no matter what the payload, terrain or road surface conditions.
The New Daily maintains, or rather improves upon, these winning characteristics.
Customers can choose between the 2.3-litre (96, 116 or 136 hp) and 3.0-litre engines (146 or 176 hp). In technical terms, the five turbodiesel engines are “4-cylinder in-line”, with four valves per cylinder, and are directly operated by a double overhead camshaft with hydraulic tappet control. They are “common rail” engines, so injection pressure does not depend on the engine’s rpm but is managed independently by an electronic control device. As you may well know, the “common rail” system optimises combustion thanks to an instantaneous diesel oil pilot injection, thus guaranteeing increased performance and reduced specific consumption, whilst delivering emission control which is far more efficient than traditional diesel engines.
In order to reduce downtime and thus loss in productivity, oil and filters require changing only every 40,000 km; the 2.3-litre adopts a toothed distribution belt (with a 240,000 km or 5-year interval) whilst the 3.0-litre uses a “for life” distribution chain which has been tested successfully up to 350,000 km.
In addition to these winning characteristics, the new engines are more environmentally-friendly and deliver greater power output, torque and flexibility.
All engines are compliant with Euro 4 standards. A variable geometry turbocharger has even been introduced in the 2.3-litre (.14 engine) range.
The 3.0-litre engines (available in all versions, including MPV) have been upgraded: the 3.0 HPI now offers 146 hp with 350 Nm maximum torque, whilst the 3.0 HPT delivers up to 176 hp with 400 Nm maximum torque (the highest in its class). Added to this, the New Daily HPT features extraordinary flexibility, torque is actually constant between 1250 and 3000 rpm. No competitors deliver such a wide range of choice.