The ultimate in driver and passenger comfort

The qualities of an accomplished commercial vehicle can only be fully appreciated during everday use, once a pressing need arises and we discover to our surprise that someone has designed a vehicle which solves our problem, however large or small. This is so much truer for the New Daily – a vehicle which offers the solution to a thousand travel necessities, under any circumstances.
The contours running along the cabin interior are harmonious and well balanced with the outer contours. Together with the extensive window panelling, they create a welcoming, bright atmosphere able to guarantee maximum convenience inside the cab – and therefore superior comfort in terms of ergonomics and space available to the driver and passengers.
The New Daily has been designed and constructed with customers’ desires, as well as their new mobility needs, as first priorities. This has led to the use of “smart” solutions which help facilitate driving, whilst fulfilling a new dimension in terms of the commercial vehicle”, in other words the pleasure of “being on-board”, in the broadest sense of the term.
In this way, the New Daily cabin has been designed “for” and “around” people; it is the place to be for a comfortable travel experience and practical sense of on-board wellbeing and enjoyment, whatever the circumstances. In order to attain this objective, designers used the most modern criteria when setting parameters for on-board wellbeing and comfort. The final result is the outstanding quality of the New Daily’s essential ergonomic functions: convenience, driver posture, accessibility, visibility and spaces which are easy to rearrange.
Giugiaro is responsible for the new cab, which is striking in terms of its dash-mounted gearshift and the new handbrake, shorter due to its lighter action. The combination of these two solutions improves driver ergonomics and ease of movement across the cabin. Also playing their part to make work and travel easier on-board the New Daily are the new seats, designed to provide even more comfort and support, an ergonomic steering wheel and novel door panels.
Comfort and functionality also define the dashboard – made in a special soft-feeling material – which offers 3 DIN-size drawers (another DIN-size drawer is available on request, placed at the centre of the wide console which runs the length of the overhead panel above the windscreen).
Driver and passenger comfort is further assured by features such as the parking sensor, loading area light system (integrated with the third brake light into the rear spoiler), auxiliary heater with timer for programmable activation, central locking with remote control integrated into the key and new door opening/closing mechanisms, not to mention the amount of in-cab storage space thanks to numerous object holders and pockets.
However, it is on the road that the New Daily really comes into its own, delivering unparalleled control and handling. In fact, smooth gearshift and dynamic response have always been especially typical of Iveco vehicles: the new Daily is no exception. The truck-style frame (which ensures maximum strength under any payload or driving conditions), independent front suspension and rear beam axles, are the ingredients which make the New Daily a champion in terms of its ability to absorb uneven surfaces, linear and precise steering response, road holding and stable manoeuvring.
On request, the New Daily can be fitted with pneumatic rear suspension, ideal for transport of fragile goods or people – when necessary, it can also be fitted with a specially-reduced laden frame height.