New Eurocargo: industry trends

To further improve Eurocargo, Iveco has followed the same path that has led this model to outstanding success over many years: unremitting focus on market evolution and customer needs. The new Eurocargo anticipates the mega-trends that are driving change in the world economy: first of all, urbanisation, because the global population continues to grow and the movement of goods within metropolitan areas will increasingly be a vital factor to sustain both trade and living standards.

Energy management is at the core of Iveco’s research and development. Iveco has worked both to reduce the consumption of traditional diesel engines and to promote the use of alternative fuels, becoming the European leader in natural gas with the widest range of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered commercial vehicles on sale and the most extensive running park in Europe: totalling 5,500 Iveco Bus vehicles and 8,500 Iveco vans and trucks in operation.

The growing demand for safety and wellness also embraces the world of transport. Iveco’s new-generation vehicles are increasingly safer and even more comfortable, and help to evolve a more rational and fuel-conscious driving style. Moreover, thanks to the clever use of new telematics systems, they are becoming “smart trucks”, ready to interact with fleet management and traffic control infrastructures.

All this perfectly fits into Iveco’s brand values: Technology, reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Sustainability and an ever-enhanced Business partnership with customers – that makes the brand a wise choice in terms of efficiency, productivity and versatility.

New Eurocargo