Eurocargo new design: the urban face of transport

Drawing inspiration from light commercial vehicles and the Daily style in particular, the new Eurocargo is "the truck the city likes", with a modern and dynamic image. With the new design, Eurocargo has become better integrated with Daily, to underline their closeness to each other, and to the urban environment.

The concept of style takes the shapes from the most recent product of the Iveco range and translates them into a line of modern truck that the city likes. Proof can be seen in the distinct V front profile that conveys a dynamic feel to the line; in the continuous contours that avoid fragmentation of the elements and in the horizontal development of the shapes that accentuates the sensation of width and solidity.

Elements that have been externally restyled include the front grille, side deflectors, bumper that houses the Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) radar, headlights with built-in LED DRL and Xenon headlights.
Iveco logo remains the only protagonist of the front of the vehicle, while the Eurocargo name now sits on the doors. The side badging aligns with the new styling cues indicating the total mass in kilograms and the horsepower.
All this has allowed Iveco to improve the Cx by 2%, contributing significantly to reduction of fuel consumption during extra-urban and motorway use.

Internally, the vehicle conveys a feeling of spaciousness and freedom of movement: passage from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat is facilitated by a flat, compact console and by the limited size of the engine tunnel, allowing an excellent cross-cab access. This also ensures that the driver can easily exit and descend from either the right or the left.

The steering wheel features an all new ergonomic and stylish design, new soft-touch materials, and new controls for air conditioning, lights and automatic and automated transmission. The main novelties also focus on safety by implementing an airbag into the steering wheel, for a whole new safety function. The steering wheel controls for both the audio and connected Bluetooth™ devices promote road safety and enable the driver to focus their attention on the road.

The vehicle also features new elements conceived to improve quality of life on board. The dashboard has been shaped on the needs of connectivity and now provides a unique and versatile solution: the area in the centre of the windscreen adjacent to the Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) camera can be customised with a smartphone mount. This same point also features USB charging ports. A removable screen can be installed on demand for the telematics system, which is an option available for the new Eurocargo.

Comfort and ergonomics: new Eurocargo is an office on the move

On the new Eurocargo, all features have been designed around functionality: from the shape and position of the controls, to the radio and phone functions controlled directly from the steering wheel. The new Eurocargo makes life on board easier and more convenient: its interiors feature numerous compartments and pockets for storing objects and documents, the central console has two ½ litre bottle holders, a 12 V plug and (on request) a compressed air line, in addition to special compartments for cards and a hanging rail.

The interior is equipped with seats which have a brand new electro-welded fabric design. There is a new “high-comfort” air suspended driver's seat, available upon request, with a fully adjustable backrest, height-adjustable seat belt, heating and ventilation.
The new Eurocargo’s cab is most comfortable for every mission: short for agility when moving through the city, long (even with high roof) for housing one or more bunks and baggage necessary, double to transport the work crew along with tools and materials. 

New Eurocargo