On-board telematics: stay connected even on the move

The pursuit of efficiency also makes use of advanced and easy to use control devices which help to provide a productive work environment.
Eurocargo is equipped with an advanced telematics system with the goal of providing all the tools necessary for the integrated control of all operations. Information is collected and analysed remotely: access to an intuitive portal allows the fleet manager to monitor a number of factors such as vehicle use and detailed management of drivers and their driving style, whilst also making it possible to plan work flows and individual activities.
Each aspect is assessed through performance indicators, which are essential to reduce costs and increase efficiency in all areas. The fuel and the limits imposed by regulations are the main cost related factors, which can be reduced through professional management of the work vehicles and the drivers. The drivers strongly contribute to the efficiency of the vehicle.

The Eurocargo cab is a multi-functional hub – fitted with all technical features that are necessary to stay connected while on the road. For personal devices, the new Eurocargo is pre-configured for seamless integration with most smartphones, tablets and GPS navigation systems. For professional services, the new telematics offer is modular and can be upgraded at different levels: with the optional Iveco UTP Telematics Box, which allows remote data collection and reporting for basic fleet management services and with advanced services, provided by Iveco, through the partnership with an international sector leader.

To support the customer in improving productivity, Iveco has worked extensively to define a telematics solution which is able to maximise the service offering. Indeed, by installing on board the Iveco DriverLinc display, the fleet management services features are enhanced. DriverLinc allows structured communication flow between the driver and back office, providing timely information for a prompt reaction. Driverlinc also adds tools to improve fuel efficiency, such as the “driver coach”, which supports the driver in improving his performance in real time.

The “Advanced” service level includes state-of-the-art features to support the driver, both on-board and off-board: such as a detachable tablet that can manage functions ranging from navigation to job orders and signature capturing.

The “Driver Coach” function helps to reduce fuel consumption, providing advice on how to save fuel. It does this by comparing performance with assigned objectives and supplies real-time feedback based on a set of 13 different driving style indicators. The Android platform guarantees shorter release cycles and easy customisation, allowing a high level of personalisation in job assignments.

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