New Eurocargo: a complete offer of spare parts and services

​To support new Eurocargo customers, Iveco’s Parts & Service division has placed a special focus on ensuring a full on-line catalogue definition and genuine parts availability for the New Eurocargo 100% guaranteed at launch. This ensures this new vehicle generation is fully serviceable from day one.

With the launch of the new Eurocargo, a special focus has been put on enhancing the guarantee of origin for spare parts to ensure customers can benefit from the best aftersales service. Indeed, most of new Eurocargo body parts, mirrors and lighting branding has been revised and modified to reinforce the Iveco brand and make it more noticeable when substituted. Iveco genuine parts are guaranteed thanks to a stringent selection process of the top suppliers and raw materials, detailed conformity tests and reliability checks along the entire production and distribution chain. Eight warehouses in Europe use innovative technology to act as a single virtual distribution hub that is able to manage more than 350,000 items with top-level performance.

The Eurocargo accessories line is designed to complement driver’s needs, offering the best quality materials and well established production processes. To personalise the Eurocargo, Iveco accessories boasts a line of products which are specially tailored to enhance the aesthetics, comfort, safety and technology of the vehicle.

Among the different solutions offered, the reversing systems are ideal for providing greater driver visibility while manoeuvring, for increased safety. Six complete solutions are available to cover all needs, with TFT LCD colour monitors and waterproof cameras with superior dust and water protection.

The new Eurocargo offers the option of installing a Lavazza coffee machine, which is both compact and versatile. For those with a need to have constant online access, a device is also available which provides a 3G-connection on the move. Operated via a SIM-card and with a 10 hour battery life, it can also be re-charged via USB.

Among the accessories line, the new Eurocargo also features a complete protection system: an anti-theft system with telephone dialler to secure the engine compartment, the cab and the load compartment. It also contains a volumetric perimeter alarm system, with SMS and telephone warning alerts, plus anti-start up protection.

New Eurocargo