Efficiency: Diesel fuel consumption reduced by up to 8%

​To further enhance the Eurocargo’s city-friendliness, the Iveco platform focuses on urban use, to make working in town and city environments easier and more cost-efficient, and to focus on sustainability, with the objective of a best-in-class payload to emissions ratio.

In order to reach both targets, Iveco developed for the new Eurocargo two new 4-cylinder engines at 160 and 190 hp, specially designed for city work. Thanks to the new pistons, the new injectors and the faster response of the new turbocharger, their compression ratio has risen from 17 to 1, to 18 to 1.
This improves the torque output by 8% in typical urban operating conditions – that is, in the range just over 1,200 rpm. The maximum torque of the two engines is now of 680 Nm and 700 Nm respectively, and maximum power is delivered at 2,200 rpm instead of 2,500 rpm.
Drivers can better exploit the higher engine torque at lower rpm, and this results in a greater response rate in acceleration and pickup. This means improved driveability, fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

In addition to this, the new Eurocargo offers a most innovative fuel economy package. On the new Iveco Tector 5 engines, this includes an appropriate driveline eco-strategies that bring a further saving of nearly half a point, a “smart fan”, based on an electromagnetic clutch, that disengages the device when cooling is not needed and a new low-viscosity oils for engines and axles, that reduce friction.

The engine oil recommended for new Eurocargo is PETRONAS Urania FE LS 5W-30. This is one of the top products of URANIA range because its formulation is fully synthetic and Low SAPs in order to meet the severe emission limits of Euro VI regulations and ensure the best protection of engine. Other important features of URANIA FE LS 5W-30 are the high fuel economy properties that contribute significantly to the TCO reduction of new Eurocargo.

The efficiency improvement versus the Euro VI Eurocargo (about 5% on average) reaches 8% in the urban multi-drop mission, an advantage both in terms of TCO and sustainability. A similar fuel economy package has also been developed for the 6- cylinder Iveco Tector 7 engines, which is particularly significant for urban use, but also delivers excellent fuel economy on extra-urban and motorway missions.

For automated transmissions Iveco has introduced new eco-strategies: the EcoSwitch, which holds the 6th gear longer and limits down-shifting to 4th gear (instead of 3rd as in standard configuration), and (on 12-speed transmissions) the EcoRoll function, which takes advantage of vehicle inertia in downhill situations. As a result, the new Eurocargo fully reaches our target to provide outstanding fuel savings on urban distribution missions.

New Eurocargo