Hi-Safety: safety is on board

The driver of a STRALIS can rely on an efficient and reliable braking system. The EBS now has the Brake Assistant function, for even more rapid and effective braking.
The advanced safety systems are essential for protecting the driver, the vehicle and the load. The new STRALIS ensures a safe driving and makes work more relaxing and productive.
The following security systems are available on the new vehicle:

Electronic Braking System (EBS). The EBS also integrates ABS (Antilock Braking System), ASR (Acceleration Slip Regulation) and EBL (Electronic Brake Limiter) functions. The system combines the action of the engine brake and the Intarder, which are automatically activated in order to increase efficiency and minimise the wear on the service brakes. The system ensures short braking distances and even wear of the brake pads.

Electronic Stability Program (ESP). The ESP system acts in skidding phase, by adjusting the engine power and braking on individual wheels with different intensities so as to stabilise the position of the vehicle. It is effective both in case of sudden deviations from the trajectory and in correcting situations of oversteer or understeer, which may occur in case of incorrectly approaching a bend.

Hill Holder. The Hill Holder system is an aid that is used during hill starts. Its function is to prevent the retraction of the vehicle for a few seconds when releasing the brake pedal. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to start on hills without any danger, without slipping of the clutch and with very low wear of the tyres.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). Adaptive Cruise Control is an intelligent system that maintains constant cruise speed at the level selected by the driver. It can also detect if the vehicle gets too close to the vehicle in front. In the event that a safe distance is not maintained, the engine brake, intarder and service brake are activated automatically.

Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS). The system, available on vehicles with the Euro VI engine, warns the driver of the possibility of a collision and automatically actuates the braking systems in order to avoid it or to reduce the impact speed.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS). The Lane Departure Warning System beeps when the vehicle strays from the lines that mark the driving lane without the indicators being activated. The system is very effective in preventing accidents due to distractions or drowsiness.

Driver Attention Support. The system constantly monitors the driver's level of attention. The system processes the movements of the steering and, if it detects a state of drowsiness, alerts the driver with an audible and visual signal.

Xenon headlights. The Xenon headlights enhance the drivers' visibility and ensure relaxed and safe driving.

Daytime Running Lights. The lights can be kept on, ensuring maximum visibility, even during the day. They are available with Xenon and traditional headlights.