Hi-Design & Hi-Comfort

Hi-Design & Aerodynamics: the new front section

The new STRALIS features a striking cab – designed with the primary aim of reducing drag coefficient (Cx). Overall the new cab styling is characterised by a striking front grille and redesigned air deflectors, new bumper profile, a new exterior sun visor with LED lights, new light assemblies which feature LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and Xenon headlights.

Aerodynamics is one of the most critical factors in determining energy efficiency: at 85 km/h, 40 per cent of the fuel is used to overcome air resistance. Compared with the previous STRALIS, Iveco has improved the Cx of its latest model by 3 per cent, making the cab quieter for the driver, whilst delivering a significant fuel advantage on long haul missions for the operator.

Hi-Comfort & Ergonomics: the new cabs

The STRALIS cab range offers two widths: the premium Hi-Way cab (width 2,500mm), designed to ensure maximum comfort on long haul missions for either single or two-man crews. This top-of-the-range cab is available in high- and low-roof sleeper cab versions. Alternatively a medium cab (width 2,300mm) is available as a sleeper cab Hi-Road with a choice of medium-high and low roof, or as a day-cab Hi-Street low roof model.

All cabs have gone through a major upgrade and been redesigned around the driver: delivering exceptional ergonomics, comfort, safety and infotainment. This helps to support the creation of an optimal working environment where the focus is on maximising productivity.

At the top of the STRALIS range is the Hi-Way high roof version for long distance national and international missions, with an interior space of more than 10 m3. The cab interior has been completely redesigned: the new dashboard, which is ergonomic, functional and features attention to the smallest details, has been designed with high quality non-reflective materials that are pleasant to the touch.

Inside, the controls have been repositioned around the dashboard and the central area, so as to be readily visible and accessible, ensuring maximum safety. The storage compartments have been expanded to deliver greater capacity, so you can always have documents, tablet computers, maps or tools at hand.

To further improve comfort for the driver, the new STRALIS features a new ventilated and heated seat with built-in height-adjustable safety belt.

The quality of life on board is essential for anyone who makes long trips. For this reason, all the contents of the vehicle have been designed to make the driver’s journey more comfortable: from the new steering wheel with integrated phone controls, to the IVECONNECT system with radio hi-fi and touch-screen display which also runs the "Driving Style Evaluation" function, the navigation system and advanced telematics services.

The sleeping area features the new "High Comfort" lower bunk, which is 80cm wide and more than 2m long, with wooden slats and equipped with a super-comfy mattress and reclining backrest. Alternatively, operators wanting additional in-cab flexibility can specify a multi-section  bed that folds in the centre to become a useful table. In the high roof version, the upper bunk opens easily thanks to the tilting mechanism with air springs. This ensures it can be quickly and easily closed, folding  into the rear wall to maximise available space in the cab. Sound insulation has been further enhanced so as to guarantee a more comfortable working environment for drivers, who spend countless hours behind the wheel.

Iveco has also incorporated an additional air conditioning system in the roof, which is quiet and energy efficient, and ensures the correct  cab temperature is maintained when the engine is turned off.

The sleeper cab is equipped with two spacious illuminated storage compartments, accessible from outside and inside. Two other external storage compartments are available for storing tools and work clothes. The fridge is enhanced with a handy bottle rack and, for longer missions, a maxi-fridge can be installed with a capacity of more than 50 litres.

The dashboard of the Hi-Road and Hi-Street cab has also been redesigned for better functionality and ergonomics. The new dashboard is symmetrical and is distinguished by its modern design, colour consistency, and the use of embossed high quality materials: all to make the interior environment pleasant and relaxing.

The polished chrome Iveco logo stands out on the steering wheel, and  switches and controls have been repositioned around the dashboard and near the driver for maximum visibility and accessibility. In the centre of the dashboard is a comfortable and spacious open storage compartment, two closed drawers for small items and two handy cup holders. In addition, in the upper part there is a large document case.