Hi-Technology & Telematics: the on-board telematics

The pursuit of efficiency also makes use of advanced and easy to use control devices which help to provide a productive work environment. In particular, on the new STRALIS you will find IVECONNECT, the exclusive system that allows you to manage infotainment, navigation, driving support tools and advanced fleet management services in a simple and integrated way.

IVECONNECT is equipped with a 7” touch-screen built into the dashboard and comes complete with radio, CD player, USB jack with iPod / iPhone and MP3 functionality, Bluetooth connection and with controls on the steering wheel, AUX/video jack. The system provides access to two sets of dedicated functions for the driver and the fleet manager: IVECONNECT DRIVE and IVECONNECT FLEET.

IVECONNECT DRIVE includes a navigation system, the “Driving Style Evaluation” system, which acts as an on board driving instructor, and the Driver Attention Support safety device, to protect the driver from fatigue and drowsiness.
The same touch-screen interface is also the terminal for the advanced fleet management services IVECONNECT FLEET, a new system that monitors the vehicle’s position with advanced features and allows for data integration with the company's logistics systems.
The system is also capable of handling the messaging between the operations centre and the driver, driving times and driver break periods: the interaction between driver, vehicle and operations centre allows for control of all the vehicles, thus verifying, in real time, times, fuel consumption, GPS position and anticipated travel times. It also allows for the automatic management of legal obligations relating to unloading, management and storage of data from the tachograph and drivers cards.

The IVECO FLEET MANAGEMENT services are available for all vehicles and are run in cooperation with QUALCOMM®, a global leader in the sector.