Urbanway: a new name for an all new citybus

​The launch of Iveco Bus coincides with the world premiere of its newest citybus: URBANWAY. Powerful, versatile, efficient and attractive, the all new URBANWAY citybus is the first of the brand’s vehicles to be offered with a Euro VI engine.

The significance behind the URBANWAY name is associated with several pillars. First and foremost, this new name for an all-new citybus concept represents the numerous innovative features which Iveco Bus has invested in developing, according to market demands. These signature changes directly focus on: innovation, reactivity, quality, passenger and driver care.

Next, the URBANWAY shares key values with the CROSSWAY, an Iveco Bus vehicle which operates in suburban and intercity contexts. These values define their respective roles as market leaders; their efficiency with the choice of two engine drivelines; low LCC (Life Cycle Cost) and a continuous focus on customer needs.

The common framework between the CROSSWAY and URBANWAY goes on to share the unique Euro VI technology as well as several components and features, such as headlamps and rear lights. This ensures the highest customer value in terms of efficiency, reliability and easy maintenance and repair.

Moreover, the new URBANWAY identity reinforces the international presence of Iveco Bus and its vocation to succeed throughout all European markets.