Urbanway: All New style and comfort, Euro VI power

A “lounge in the city”, with a vast series of configurations, the URBANWAY reflects the efficient, sustainable and cost-effective solutions that Iveco Bus offers the European transport sector.

The vehicle integrates the unique Hi-eSCR technology for Euro VI and the new Tector 7 and Cursor 9 engines on a fully reconceived structure that combines superior resistance and weight reduction. The entire steel structure benefits from the integral cataphoretic treatment which protects against corrosion.

It introduces a new style, a fully redesigned passenger lounge and a totally new driver’s area which aims to provide best in class standards for comfort and ergonomics: EBSF, the European Bus System of the Future.

All vehicle aspects have been taken into consideration with a focus on performance, durability and simplified maintenance allowing for low Total Cost of Ownership.


New style with customer value


The URBANWAY combines advanced technology with a new design that emphasizes lightness, safety and flexibility to facilitate daily operations. Its distinctive style is attractive and smart, consistent with the new brand identity which is visible throughout the range of urban, intercity and tourism passenger vehicles.

Evidence of this new style are demonstrated by the new headlamps which integrate a series of LED daytime running lamps (DRL) and a new rear lighting module featuring integral LED devices with brake, indicator, taillight and reverse. These distinctive new elements are integrated in an elegant way within the vehicle body and reflect the new Iveco Bus style.
In addition, the fog lights feature a "Cornering Lights" function which provides additional lighting during tight turns and maneuvers.

The entire lighting system has been studied to improve safety and Life Cycle Cost through the extensive use of LED.

The all new URBANWAY adopts all of the winning features associated with the brand’s existing product range in order to improve Total Cost of Ownership. Examples of these features include: the waistline of the vehicle, which is easily detachable with the front and rear bumpers consisting of three individual elements; front and rear lights are separate from these panels in order to prevent them from having to be replaced in case of minor road accidents; the vehicle’s front grille and rear hatchback allow space for advertising, conscience of the added value needs of urban operators.

A passenger lounge


The URBANWAY is furnished with refined details aimed at enhancing passenger hospitality with a series of elements. The pavilion interior presents a totally new concept in terms of lightness and performance.

The new interior lighting features two continuous LED bands that can be customized with several options: indirect ambient lighting with two bands and LED spotlights built into the top of the column support with cast aluminum. The center of the bus pavilion is backlit by LED lighting which provides a luminous halo effect.

The new position of the middle door is shifted further to the rear to guarantee increased productivity (1.5 square-meters more standing space for passengers) and a wide central platform allows for twin wheelchair installation. The new range of passenger seating is characterized for its weight saving, modularity and easy maintenance features.

The new air diffusion system with roof integration features dedicated air ducts for heating and air conditioning. The interior silence is ensured by a strong bracket mounting and by being independent from the panels. The result is a dramatically improved air flow in a silent cabin: no compromise on comfort.

Extensive line-up and custom features


The URBANWAY can be ordered in a full-line up of versions. Available in 10.5, 12 and 18 meter-lengths, the vehicle can be equipped with two, three or four doors. The driveline can also be custom ordered with alternative Diesel, CNG or Hybrid drivelines. Euro VI chassis versions of the URBANWAY are also available for bodybuilder adaptations.

As a BHNS (Buses with a High Level of Service) model, the URBANWAY accommodates a wide range of configurations from basic to premium with over 3,500 styling combinations from extended side windows to roof streamlining, custom seating and trims.

EBSF driver’s area


Iveco Bus understands that bus drivers are required to spend a significant part of their day behind the wheel. This is why the brand continues to develop new solutions to create an ideal workplace for the driver that promotes comfort and productivity. 

The all new driver’s area is designed according to the EBSF (European Bus System of the Future) standards, providing the very best in ergonomics, space and comfort. As a result, the URBANWAY has all the features to be qualified as best-in-class. The elevated driving position offers excellent road visibility and stress-free driving, while also providing the driver with a protected distance from potential external threat.

Accessibility to the driver’s area is improved thanks to the access step, which has been reformatted into a large square shape with 25% increased area compared to the previous range. Once seated, the driver benefits from many changes that improve comfort and ergonomics such as enlarged space around the hips and knees, together with a rotatable seat; a suspended accelerator pedal; the position of the parking brake and easily reachable DIN slots.