Further alternative drive for sustainable mobility

Iveco Bus, with its proven expertise in electric drive, has defined serial hybrid as its chosen modular architecture for its ability to implement further improvements in terms of electric mobility. These improvements consist of: the “Stop & Start” function for the Citelis Hybrid EEV, “Arrive & Go” for the URBANWAY Hybrid Euro VI and “Plug-in” for the ELLISUP program.

ELLISUP is an ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) program, led by Iveco Bus in collaboration with CEA, RATP, IFP, INRETS, EDF, Michelin, ERCTEEL and RECUPYL, which works to develop EV mode for urban transportation.

In order to demonstrate the benefits of EV mode, the ELLISUP program has developed a Hybrid Plug-in bus. Following its homologation, the vehicle will be put into circulation as a staff shuttle bus on the CEA premises for the Third Quarter of 2013. A recharging station will be installed on site in order to replenish the energy storage elements. The route consists of a four kilometer loop, of which 40% will be driven in EV mode.