Urbanway: New Euro VI Diesel technology

​The URBANWAY is powered by new Euro VI engines which feature the patented FPT Industrial HI-eSCR system. This breakthrough technology reduces NOx without the use of EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) which leaves fuel efficiency intact.
This exclusive solution simplifies the after-treatment of gases while offering numerous other advantages to transport providers such as weight reduction, lower fuel consumption, optimized combustion, fewer particles (particulate filter regeneration passive and low maintenance) and longevity due to less complex and more efficient technology. HI-eSCR also requires no additional cooling thereby causing less energy to dissipate in order to reduce engine temperature.
The new FPT Industrial Euro VI Diesel engines provide power and simplicity. They are available in two versions for the URBANWAY: Tector 7 and Cursor 9, respectively with 6.7 and 8.7 liter displacements. The engines now come equipped with common rail injection; have a lower noise level with less vibration and are available with both downward and upward positioned exhaust outlets.

Tector 7 is available for the 10.5 and 12-meter URBANWAY versions. It provides 286 horsepower combining efficiency and reduced consumption. It is characterized by its lightness and longitudinal architecture that provides for greater passenger capacity with up to 40 seats as standard.

Cursor 9 is available for the 12 and 18-meter URBANWAY lengths. It provides a high level of performance with up to 400 horsepower with a variable geometry turbocharger.

Alternative drivelines

Iveco Bus confirms its commitment to sustainable mobility by offering the possibility to equip the URBANWAY with an alternative Compressed Natural Gas driveline via the Cursor 8 CNG engine. This Euro VI approved engine allows operators to continue to expand their fleet of CNG buses with the same technology as Euro V / EEV vehicles.

Iveco Bus will also equip its Hybrid vehicle with Euro VI technology, enhancing it with new features such as “Arrive & Go”. These improvements confirm the position of Iveco Bus as a Hybrid leader in reducing greenhouse gases and providing “citizen friendly” transport thanks to a silent approach to and departure from bus stops, permitted by the “Arrive & Go” feature.

Maintenance and repair: an operator-friendly vehicle

All elements present on this new Euro VI bus help to simplify and accelerate the maintenance process. The URBANWAY has been designed in a friendly way for operators, ensuring that maintenance and repair intervals are fewer and far between, thus preventing inconvenient delays. Both the Tector and Cursor engine layouts are easily accessible with a simple and wide opening for the front and rear panels to allow for easy daily checks and rapid maintenance.

Additional facilitated elements include: the After Treatment System which provides easy access to the Diesel Particulate Filter with very few screws to remove; piping and wiring that benefit from stiff holders and protection within the engine bay and under the chassis; and the Air Turbo Intercooler which can now be tilted open for easy cleaning between the radiators.

These developments are the result of several years of intensive testing and planning. A series of functional, endurance and structure tests during the summer and winter months guarantee that the URBANWAY is equipped to answer to all customer demands while maximizing on passenger safety and comfort.