Technical assistance

When it comes to technical assistance and service, ECOSTRALIS remains in constant touch with the team of Iveco mechanics responsible for its maintenance and repair.
The Blue&Me Fleet system on the ECOSTRALIS makes Iveco’s Assistance Non-Stop telephone service – available in all European countries and geared up to activate the nearest Iveco service centre – is now even simpler and quicker to use. It is not even necessary to make a phone call! Breakdown data can be transmitted directly to the Iveco operations centre along with the vehicle’s GPS position, so that the nearest authorised service centre can have a mechanic at the scene immediately.

Remaining on the subject of Customer Service, Iveco has developed a special support network for long range, international operators: Iveco Truck Station. This comprises of a specialist network consisting of 400 service centres around Europe, strategically located near busy road routes. Iveco Truck Service Stations are part of the process of perfecting Customer Service and Iveco has applied all the tools at its disposal to their development, from training to networking, diagnostics to teleservice.

The Iveco service network can read operating information from ECOSTRALIS vehicles (e.g. fuel consumption data) directly from the engine control unit and from the ECUs that control its other systems. All data can be transmitted over the GPRS network and can be accessed via a dedicated portal using any Internet browser. This allows access to and processing of data on the operation of a single vehicle or an entire fleet, quickly, reliably and extremely efficiently.

Blue&Me Fleet can also be integrated with a latest generation satellite navigation unit. The unit is dashboard-mounted, incorporates a 5.8” touch-screen and contains pre-loaded maps of all European countries.