At the customers’ side for the life of the vehicle

The ECOSTRALIS has been designed around the two key values on which Iveco builds its customer relations: efficiency and team spirit.

In particular, the ECOSTRALIS is made to achieve maximum efficiency and minimum running costs. Iveco is committed to fulfil this objective for the entire life of the vehicle, working together with the customer:

- at the moment of sale, by helping to identify the best match between vehicle configuration and mission and by offering finance solutions to suit every need and proposing extended warranties and service contracts to preserve the value of the vehicle over time and to keep it productive and economical to operate;

- whenever service is required, by placing the skill and knowledge of the entire Iveco service network at the disposal of the customer, with service availability guaranteed 24 hours a day, 12 months a year, to ensure immediate attention and shortest vehicle down time possible, assured of excellent results and high productivity.