Advanced technology and driver comfort

With ECOSTRALIS Iveco puts itself once more in the position of the driver to offer a package of features and services to improve comfort and safety and to reduce consumption and improve productivity as well. This is achieved by:

- providing a comfortable and efficient driving environment;

- providing a sophisticated range of active safety systems to greatly reduce the risk of damage and injury;

- providing training courses to assist drivers develop a safer and more economical driving style;

- simplifying the work of road haulage operators by providing innovative telematic systems capable of monitoring the performance of and the route taken by each vehicle in a fleet, flagging excessive fuel consumption, optimising routes and minimising inefficiency and waiting times.

The result is a perfect mix of latest generation technology and attention to the needs of operators and drivers alike. And this clever mix is made even more effective by the provision of training courses to help drivers optimise their use of the advanced technology available with ECOSTRALIS.