Safety has been given the highest priority on the ECOSTRALIS and the new vehicle is equipped with some of the most advanced systems available. These include: 

EBS (Electronic Braking System)
EBS is an electronic system that controls the braking functions of both tractor unit and semi-trailer, and integrates the functions of ABS (Antilock Braking System), ASR (Acceleration Slip Regulation) and EBL (Electronic Brake Limiter).
The system combines the effects of the engine brake and intarder, and controls both automatically to improve effectiveness and to minimise brake wear. Versions equipped with EBS have disc brakes on all axles.

ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
The ESP system operates in the event of a swerve to modulating engine power and selectively braking individual wheels with different intensities until a stable vehicle trajectory is re-established.
ESP is extremely effective during sudden changes in direction or correcting under-steer or over-steer as a result of miscalculating the line through a bend.

Hill Holder
Hill Holder is an auxiliary system that facilitates starting off up a slope. The system functions by stoping the vehicle rolling backwards for a second or two when the foot brake is released.
Hill Holder removes the risk from starting off on hills, avoiding the need to ride the clutch and also reduces tyre wear.

ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control)
Adaptive Cruise Control is an intelligent system that maintains a constant road speed selected by the driver., but is also able monitor the proximity to the vehicle in front.
If the event that the safety distance is not maintained, the system automatically activates the engine brake, the intarder and the service brake.

LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System)
The Lane Departure Warning System sounds a warning buzzer if the vehicle wanders across the lines delimiting the traffic lane without the driver having indicated his intention to do so.
The system is extremely effective in preventing accidents caused by distraction or tiredness.

Perfecting driving style
Iveco has decided to assist its customers in more ways than one. Owners and drivers of an ECOSTRALIS have the opportunity to attend economy driving courses to improve driving style and efficiency.

Iveco’s economy driving courses are practical events designed to improve driving skills and knowledge of the vehicle and to provide an advanced understanding of its technology, safety and energy saving systems.
Iveco has always been dedicated to the cause of reducing fuel consumption and respecting the environment. These economy driving courses make Iveco's extensive knowledge in economical driving available to all ECOSTRALIS owners and drivers.

The course starts with an in-depth presentation of the controls and systems in the cab and their correct use, then goes on to develop the ability of the driver by teaching techniques tailored for road safety and fuel economy.