Iveco Services

With a network of over 4500 dealerships and workshops around the world Iveco is able to offer to all its customers a professional service that is immediate and widespread, a decisive factor in the choice for customers. In the case of New Daily, maintenance is now even easier thanks to new features giving the model easier under-bonnet access for operations such as changing the air filter and checking electrical fuses and relays, in addition to ensuring easy replacement of headlights bulbs.
After Sales Service

The Iveco network ensures timely, professional and reliable after-sales service. Iveco develops original spare parts by means of continual research, the selection of the best partners, tests and verification of reliability throughout  the entire production chain.
The after-sales services offered by Iveco are Elements, Advanced diagnostic, ANS, Daily Chrono Service, VOR Log and 200 VIP.

Elements is the brand for the personalized assistance programmes offered by Iveco in different markets. Iveco offers customers a wide range of modular and flexible maintenance and repair contracts, or extensions of  the contractual warranty services, able to meet different requirements, also supporting the vehicle's value over time. An important advantage of this service is the guarantee of the originality of the parts used in its assistance and the expertise of Iveco’s professional network.

Iveco adopts the most advanced computerized diagnostic tools for use in the workshop and on the road, such as the advanced EASY platform that allows rapid diagnosis of the various electronic control units in the vehicle. By means of the TELESERVICES telematics software with its centre of technical experts, Iveco can remotely connect to the actual vehicle/workshop and then provide assistance as if it were actually present with the vehicle.
Other diagnostic tools used in Iveco workshops are EASY SKITE, a sophisticated endoscopic analysis system that, by means of a small probe, can inspect even the most inaccessible parts of the vehicle and the images can be shared in real time and remotely with Iveco specialists, and EASY SCOPE, a latest generation, powerful, digital oscilloscope that displays graphically electrical circuit  time-varying current and voltage.

The Iveco break down ANS (Assistance Non Stop) service offers multi-lingual professionals available to its customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by toll free telephone, that allows travel with confidence throughout the roads of Europe. During the operation, the control centre monitors the progress of the repairs and ensures that the vehicle is back on the road as soon as possible.
The Daily Chrono Service, however, provides a rapid and efficient service for vehicle interventions regarding replacement brake pads, dampers, oil and filter changing, and exhaust system replacement without any booking requirement.

The VOR Log service helps customers in case of an urgent need for spare parts not otherwise available from the authorised dealer. Thanks to a reliable transport system, Iveco retrieves parts from its international warehouses, suppliers and factories, and guarantees delivery in the shortest possible time. The service is available all year round, 24 hours a day, and is activated by telephoning the customer Call Centre or directly from the dealer with a web-based application. Iveco VOR Log operates in all European markets and can provide online support for alternative solutions of very complex parts.
In addition, the 200 VIP service guarantees delivery within 24 hours of 200 specific fast-moving spare parts such as filters, brakes, clutches, engine, electrical and chassis components, dampers, lights, lamp lenses, etc.

Iveco Capital Financial Services

For over 20 years, Iveco Capital has provided assistance to customers in the purchase of all new and used light, medium and heavy Iveco vehicles with dedicated financial services, following a strategy of strong specialisation in the business and wide geographical presence.

The company works with major international banking groups, integrating flexibility and financial expertise with an understanding of the unique needs in the world of transport. It supports Iveco customers with the specific needs of different markets and has over 43,000 customers around the world.

To buy a New Daily, for example, the customer has several solutions to choose from according to their financial needs. Financial leasing is aimed at businesses who want to use the vehicle for their activities, without a serious investment on their balance sheet because the ownership of the vehicle remains with the finance company. An operating lease allows the customer to use the vehicle and replace it at the end of the agreed period by defining from the start the economic and financial commitment by setting a monthly fee in relation to actual needs, without other commitments at the end of the lease and without affecting either the liquidity of the company or the bank credit lines. Regular installment finance, however, is the ideal solution for those who want ownership of the vehicle and intend to use it for a long period of time.

All these formulae can be integrated into a contract for routine maintenance and repairs, also valid abroad. The three major contracts for Iveco maintenance are: Full (includes all planned and un-planned maintenance covering the complete vehicle), Driveline (includes all routine maintenance in addition to specific assistance for the powertrain) and Fast (includes only routine maintenance).