Comfort and driving pleasure

New Daily continues its tradition of a vehicle born "for" and "around" the man. The vehicle has been designed and built with customers’ mobility needs at the centre. To achieve this, specific solutions have been adopted to ensure more comfortable driving, to meet a new dimension in terms of the pleasure of "being on-board" a commercial vehicle in its broadest sense.

Well-being on board regards the New Daily driver’s cab as a whole. The lines that run inside the vehicle are harmonious and well balanced with those of the exterior, and together with the ample glazed surface creates an environment that is warm, bright and able to offer an optimal living area, that is roomy and comfortable, and much higher in terms of comfort, ergonomics and space available to the driver and passengers. Interior noise is reduced, thanks to the meticulous work of designers, particularly relating to the engine compartment, which has achieved a noise reduction of 5 dB(A) under the most common operating conditions (between 1600 and 2000 rev/min).

To make working and travelling aboard more comfortable, in the New Daily there are important changes concerning the driving position. A new axially adjustable steering column, in combination with a seat and seat back with a greater range of adjustment in van versions, enables more drivers to find the optimum position for safe driving and comfort. Moreover, even the dashboard has been revisited, with new finishes and new graphics for improved readability of the instrument panel. Also new is the gear lever housing so allowing for an improved cross-cab access - and the double-bottle holders compartment in the door (from 0.5 to 1.5 L).

The improvement in the comfort of life on board also reflects on customer requirements relating to the use of the cab as a mobile workstation. On request, there is a pull-out shelf, stored in the passenger seat back, that can be removed and applied to the steering wheel to create a temporary writing desk. It also serves as a small compartment for a pc notebook or iPad.

But the pleasure of being aboard the New Daily is especially highlighted on the road, where the vehicle has excellent handling and control. Driving comfort and dynamic behaviour have always been distinctive features of this model. The truck-derived chassis, which is a guarantee of maximum strength under all circumstances of driving and loading, independent front suspension and vehicle’s beam rear axle provide excellent performance in terms of ability to absorb road undulations, linearity and precision steering response, in addition to road holding and stability when manoeuvring.

The quality of life on board of the New Daily is further improved by the availability of solutions that assist customers to increase the productivity of vehicle and driver by means of information telematics.

The Blue&Me™ and Blue&Me Fleet™, in addition to the Tom Tom Go Live 1000, are evidence that the New Daily is not content only to assist customers by helping them to carry heavy loads, but always tries to reduce effectively the work of those choosing it as an operating partner.

Born from the collaboration between Fiat and Microsoft, the Blue&Me™ has changed the paradigms of communication, information and entertainment to improve comfort and quality of life on board the vehicle. With over 1,500,000 units installed it is the most popular board infotainment platform in the world, which allows making telephone calls, receiving SMS, managing contacts through the phone's Bluetooth connection and MP3 music through media player with a USB connection.

Blue&Me Fleet™, on the other side, is the telematics package for fleet management, realised by Iveco in collaboration with Qualcomm Enterprise Services, a leading global system and integrated 'wireless' service provider. With Blue&Me Fleet™, it is possible to have real-time information on fuel consumption, distance travelled, road speed and the vehicle identification data. The digital tachograph data can also be downloaded remotely, eliminating the need to have the vehicle physically available for this legally required procedure.

Finally, the new Tom Tom Navigator, Go Live 1000, is also available with its 4.7” fluid touch screen, which constantly provides the driver with traffic information and faster updated route suggestions. With HD Traffic and IQ Routes technologies, in fact, it is able to calculate the route based on actual speed data collected by millions of users.