Alternative Traction Systems

Respect for the environment

New Daily 2.3 litre engine versions introduce the Start & Stop system, which shuts off the engine when the vehicle stops with the transmission in neutral and restarts automatically when a gear is selected. With this system a reduction in CO2 emissions of 9 g/km on the combined cycle rising to 23 g / km on the urban cycle.

In support of the driver, the GSI (Gear Shift Indicator) system has also been introduced, recommending to the driver that the transmission gear be changed in order to obtain a driving style with the lowest fuel consumption and emissions of CO2. The new variable geometry turbocharger and the new high efficiency two stage turbocharger with the inter-stage inter-cooling provide among the best in class engine efficiencies, serving to improve fuel economy and to reduce pollutant emissions.
Environmental protection is a strategic priority for Iveco. The ecological aspect of the New Daily does not stop only at reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, but also concerns the production aspects of the vehicle. The commitment to reduce the environmental impact of Iveco vehicles is demonstrated by the World Class Manufacturing project, introduced a number of years ago by Fiat Industrial production systems, in choosing to adopt one of the best worldwide production standards. An integrated model concerning the organisation of factory processes as a whole and paying particular attention to safety, waste avoidance  and environmental aspects of production.

A further important aspect related to environmental care is Iveco’s position of leadership regarding the recyclability of the product. Iveco has played a leading role for many years in the application of recycling and recovery of material, applied throughout the entire industrial chain of activities that make up the vehicle, once it reaches the end of its useful life.

Alternative Traction Systems with New Daily

Aware of the importance of the theme of environmental protection, Iveco has always devoted particular attention to highly innovative drive systems, which can provide a considerable saving in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in addition to ensuring the highest standards in terms of reducing pollutant emissions.

Technological innovation at the service of customers in the New Daily is evidenced by the availability of specific versions using natural gas, electric and Diesel electric hybrid power trains. Both natural gas and electric versions are readily available and the Diesel electric hybrid version has undergone prolonged validation testing with important international customers under real operating conditions.

New Daily electric

Iveco, a front runner in this kind of technology, developed and built the first electrically propelled Daily in 1986 and the range has now been extended to include vans and urban buses. Today, the advanced electrical architecture and control, incorporating a dedicated electronic controller with in-vehicle communication using the CAN network and the proven Na/NiCl2 battery technology, allows New Daily to achieve a high level of reliability and to adapt perfectly to operation under urban conditions, such as door to door deliveries and urban passenger transport. This fully electric powered vehicle with zero tail-pipe emissions is designed, manufactured, sold and serviced totally by Iveco. A high energy storage battery in combination with electronic inverter powers the asynchronous three-phase traction motor that directly powers the vehicle and recovers the vehicle’s kinetic energy under braking. Motor power is 30kW continuous (60kW peak) for 35S models (van, and chassis cab versions) and 40kW continuous (80kW peak) for 50C models (van and chassis cab versions).

Equipped with sealed traction batteries using Na/NiCl2 technology (Sodium/Nickel-Chloride), that does not produce gaseous emissions and is fully recyclable, with a system voltage of 278 v, the 35S vehicles are equipped with two batteries with a third optionally available on long wheelbase models and 50C models have three batteries with a fourth optionally available, again depending on wheelbase, with a system of regenerative braking system to extend further the vehicle range. The vehicle speed is electronically limited to 70 km/h with a usable range from 90 – 130 km, depending on the mission and the number of batteries.

New Daily Natural Power

Iveco has always attached great importance to natural gas engines that have been a research and development priority for many years. The company is the European leader in the production and marketing of these vehicles: trucks, vans and buses for different types of mission and, in particular, for urban use.

The New Daily Natural Power is the lightest vehicle in this full range offer and is equipped with an FPT Industrial CNG engine of 136 cv (100 kW) with three way catalytic converter, using a stoichiometric (with chemically correct air-fuel ratio) combustion regime that brings characteristics of reliability and durability and ensures exhaust emissions well below the limits required by the European EEV legislation in force. This system can actually detect the composition of the gas used and is able to adapt the actual air/fuel ratio accordingly, in order to maintain low emissions without sacrificing performance.
The positive ignition results in engine noise significantly lower than that of a Diesel equivalent, so that these vehicles are particularly suitable for night-time use in urban centres, without requiring additional sound insulation measures.

The New Daily, like all other Iveco vehicles powered by natural gas can also use bio-methane, one of the sources of renewable energy with the best credentials in terms of reducing emissions of global warming gases.