The post sales service

On the Fiat Industrial stand at Intermat there is also a shared area with CNH dedicated to aftersales products and services and financial services. The Iveco network guarantees a prompt, competent and reliable aftersales service.  Iveco produces and markets original spare parts with the selection of the best partners and reliability tests and checks along the entire production process. A few of the post-sales services offered by Iveco are:  Elements, ANS and remote Assistance.

Elements is the brand for the customized assistance programs offered by Iveco in various international markets. Iveco offers a wide range of maintenance and repair contracts and guarantee extension services that are both modular and flexible and are capable of satisfying every kind of requirement, supporting the value of the vehicle over time.  An important advantage of this service is the guarantee that genuine Iveco spare parts will be used in all service operations, with the work undertaken by manufacturer-trained service professionals.

ANS is the Assistance Non Stop (ANS) service which is on call 7 days a week around the clock to provide assistance to customers in the unfortunate event of a breakdown.  A team of 80 telephone operators, committed to answering incoming calls in less than 20 seconds, work swiftly to alert the nearest Iveco Assistance centre to the customer’s precise locations, so that a quick and efficient solution to any problem can be found. The call centre staff can provide assistance in 10 different languages.

Finally, for its remote assistance service, Iveco uses the most advanced computerized diagnostic tools both in the workshops and at the roadside, such as the highly sophisticated EASY platform, which enables a diagnosis to be performed on the various electronic control units placed on board the vehicle by connecting the vehicle remotely, via the TELESERVIZI software, to the Iveco centre technicians who can take action - as if they were on site. 

Other diagnostic tools used in Iveco repair workshops are EASY SKITE, a sophisticated endoscopic analysis system which can inspect parts of the vehicle using a very small probe, taking images that can be shared in real time via a remote connection with the Iveco specialist technicians, and EASY SCOPE, a powerful latest generation digital oscilloscope which graphically visualizes electrical values over time such as current and voltage.