Stralis: heavy duty on the road and at the work site

The heavy duty Stralis range, in its 4x2 and 6x2 rigid and tractor versions right up to the new 4 axle 8x2x6 models with two front axles or 3 back axles, is particularly appreciated for transportation over mixed quarry terrains or on road. The high performance FPT Industrial engines meet EEV emissions legislation and include the Cursor 8  with 310 to 360 HP (from 228 to 265 kW), Cursor 10 from 420 to 460 HP(from 309 to 331 kW) and Cursor 13 with 500 HP (368 kW).  There is also the option of a Euro 5 Cursor 13 560 HP (412 kW) engine, combined with a choice of 16 speed manual gearboxes or automated Eurotronic 12 speed ones. These guarantee the kinds of speed and peak torque values that are ideal for quarry and building site work, as are the large comfortable Active Day and Active Time cabs, or the very spacious Active Space cabin.

At Intermat 2012 a Stralis 6x2 AD 260S33 CNG is on show. The vehicle is equipped with a lifting boom and an automatic tipping system, designed for waste haulage in the North East of France. Exclusively fuelled with bio-methane, the vehicle can travel 500 km on one tank for demanding missions, or offers an extended range of 700 km when used for less arduous missions.