Trakker Limited Edition Dakar. Unlimited performance

The Trakker range will be completed with an exceptional vehicle produced in a limited edition, dedicated to the Dakar, the extraordinary competition which this year saw the Iveco vehicles among the top competitors. Coming in first, second and sixth in the overall ranking for heavy vehicles in the 33rd Dakar race, Iveco essentially won the most important rally in the world, which this year saw the participation of many European and Asian truck manufacturers. The three Iveco vehicles, adapted to handle the extreme environmental conditions of the rally, were all series models and optimized for high energy efficiency and performance.
In dedication to the victory that Iveco secured in South America, the company has created the Trakker Dakar Limited Edition, with production restricted to just 502 examples. They will each feature some of the components and technological innovations of the vehicles which dominated the competition.

The aim of this special limited edition version is to transfer new technologies tested and proven during the ultimate sporting endurance competition directly onto customer vehicles.

The Limited Edition will be firstly available equipped with Cursor 8 and 13 litre FPT Industrial engines with power ratings of between 310 HP and 500 HP, which develop a torque of between 1,300 and 2,300 Nm. The gearboxes are manual (with between 9 and 16 gears) or automatic (with 12 to 16 gears), the disk-drum brakes with ABS off rode mode and there are a number of different solutions for the shock absorbers including parabolic and pneumatic versions. All the versions are equipped with the Active Day cab in Dakar green. The Trakker Limited Edition Dakar is customized with the original stickers of the sponsors that backed the Iveco champions.

The Trakker is the best vehicle for quarry missions thanks to its well-established sturdiness and reliability, along with an extensive product range that offers a solution for all on/off-road missions. 

The broad Trakker range enables the client to customize their vehicle for every specific mission with tractor unit and rigid versions available in 4x2, 4x4, 6x4, 6x6, 8x4 configurations and 8x8 rigid only configuration.  There's also a wide range of gross vehicle weights for the rigid chassis versions from 18 to 32 t and from 20 to 40 t for work vehicles and from 44 t up to 56 t for tractor units (work vehicles). 

The AD model has a short cab with low roof, while the AT model has the long cab for missions where the driver is required to spend the night on board. This larger cab can be specified with the option of either a low or high roof.  

The quality of life on board, typical of the cab found in a dedicated on-road truck, has been created using technical solutions and specific materials for the world of quarries and building sites.  The internal comfort is guaranteed by an ideal acoustic insulation, a multi-functional and highly visible central screen, by the anti-scratch dashboard, a highly efficient air conditioning system and pneumatic steering wheel adjustment. The sturdy chassis with double bottleneck C section beams made out of special steel up to 10 mm thick, guarantees an exceptional load capacity, while the wheel bases vary from between 3200 to 5820 mm. 

There are two different engines and a choice of six different power ratings: the Cursor 8 with 310, 330 or 360 HP (228, 240 or 265 kW) and the Cursor 13 with 410, 450 or 500 HP (302, 332 or 368 kW); the first is a 7.8 litre six cylinder engine while the second is also a 6 cylinder engine but has a volume of 12.9 litres. The engines feature a high and constant torque level which enables the vehicle to overcome any obstacle: up to 2300 Nm from 1000 to 1525 rev/min.  What's more the Cursor engines guarantee low fuel consumption and long maintenance intervals thanks to their SCR technology.